I’m 41 but people say I look at least ten years younger – my easy make-up secrets are the total reason why | The Sun

A 41-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed her secret to looking ten years younger is caking her face in makeup.

Natalie Bright’s standout product for a youthful complexion is concealer, which she layers where her skin is “sagging and folding”.

The content creator took to Tik Tok to spill her secrets after receiving a stream of compliments on her youthful look. 

In the video, Natalie shared the products and makeup routine she employs to hide any signs of ageing. 

She said: “People have been asking me for my secret.

“And as you can see, without makeup I look my age.

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“My secret is that I wear a lot of makeup.

“Concealer is your best friend.”

Natalie, from New York, US, starts her makeup by dabbing concealer on any spots or areas where her skin is lacklustre. 

She explained: “Choose a lighter shade and place it very strategically where your skin is sagging and folding.

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“It will brighten up the area and add volume back to it.”

For Natalie, this is on her smile lines, under her eyes on the sides of her chin.

Her next makeup tip was to “always powder the T-Zone”, which is the area that spans your nose and middle forehead.

She continued: “As we get older, we also lose colour in our faces.

“So add warmth to your complexion.”

Natalie does this by taking a fluffy makeup brush and smoothing bronzer on the outskirts of her face.

Her final tip was to “overline your lips like crazy” so seemingly mimic the lip-filler look lots of young women.

She added: “Just play around with different shapes and see if you like it. 

“Have no fear – if you don’t like it just wipe it off.”

However, people weren’t totally sold on the makeup tutorial because they insisted Natalie still looked much younger with a bare face.

One person even said she looked like a 25-year-old.

A second moaned: “Nah I’m 27 and I don’t even look like this. You look very beautiful.”

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A third added: “You look young without makeup though.”

The products Natalie used in the video to elevate her youthful look were a lip liner from US brand Westmore, the iconic Charlotte Tilbury lip tint in ‘Pillow Talk’, Rom&nd bronzer and a liquid concealer from Maybelline.

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