I'm a child expert and this is what happens if you buy too many Christmas presents for your kids… and not enough

MANY parents will be planning their kids’ Christmas presents – but how many is too many?

Australian parenting author and educator Maggie Dent has revealed why being overly generous can be bad for your child.

Speaking to Fabulous, Maggie, creator of the Parental As Anything book and podcast, said: “We now live in a very consumerist society and parents and kids are heavily marketed to.

“This has put huge pressure on well-meaning parents to feel they need to buy toys and other gadgets which they believe will stimulate their children and help with their development.

“But actually too many toys can limit a child's creativity and lead to an addiction to ‘stuff’, which children can tend to get bored with easily.

“Children, particularly little ones, don’t need a lot of bells and whistles and they certainly don’t need a lot of stuff. 

“They are naturally curious and will probably learn more and get more enjoyment from the box a toy comes in than the toy itself.”

Maggie advised that parents don’t “overdo” their presents – and one can be enough.

She added: “Save your money to provide delicious, quality food instead and create enjoyable experiences you can have with your kids.

“It's better to give one, well-intentioned gift that really meets a special interest for your child.”

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Maggie also said parents should be careful to not choose gifts that prompt “sibling rivalry” and should aim for presents that help “get them off the couch”.

She added that board games can be good for learning “patience and how to lose well.”

The parenting expert continued: “Also we have to remember this time of year is also the perfect time to teach children and teens the joy that comes from giving to others. 

Too many toys can limit a child's creativity and lead to an addiction to ‘stuff.’

“So maybe get them involved in baking or making something special for neighbours or others in your community, especially people in need.

“Christmas can be exhausting and truly the best gift parents can give their children is time together.”

Etiquette expert William Hanson said you should avoid oversharing presents on social media.


He told Fabulous: “If you are able to afford to spend over £100 on your children then, as your own money, it is your choice and no one should judge.  

“What is tacky is to let others know that you have a bigger budget than most.  

“Be careful about posting images of hundreds of presents on social media.  

“Do not show off in any way and make sure your children know how lucky they are and don’t take it for granted.”

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