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IF you're hosting Christmas at your place this year and are wondering how you'll manage the mess, we have some tips for you.

Expert Zornitsa Stoyanova from Cleaning Services reckons you can enjoy the festive fun and have a tidy home too.

Before Christmas day

The first tip is to start by cleaning a whole week before Christmas. This will streamline Christmas Day and leave you with less to tidy.

"List all the chores you would like to do, that way you will know what you can do the week before, what needs to be done the day before, and what you will need help with," Zornitsa tells Fabulous.

"You can always ask your family to help you with the chores – your partner can do the shopping while you are deep cleaning the bathroom and your kids can tidy up their rooms, vacuum and declutter. "

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If you've got guests staying the night you can prepare the guest room in the lead-up to the big day.You can deep clean the oven and upholstery the week before Christmas too.

Zornitsa says: "The day before, you can vacuum floors, dust surfaces and declutter. In addition to all of this, think about where you gather mainly during the holiday."

But there's no need to deep clean every corner of your house, the cleaning expert says, just focus on the kitchen, living room and bathroom.  

On Christmas Day

The Christmas morning rush can be chaotic when you have little kids opening presents.

And if your living room floor is anything like most, it'll end up being covered in torn-up paper.

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Once your kids have enjoyed their presents, create a game for them to play. See who can pick up the most amount of paper in the quickest time and the rubbish will be collected in no time.

As for Christmas dinner, there's no denying just how exhausting making it can be, and you're going to want to put your feet up at one point or another.

"No rule says you cannot cheat and make things simple," Zornitsa says.

"If you have guests for the day, ask them to bring a dish or two. You can also try some easier and simpler recipes. "

Doing this means less mess in the kitchen before your guests arrive, so there'll be less to tidy up after cooking.

Zornitsa also suggests preparing whatever you can the day before, that way it's ready to go on Christmas day.

You should also aim to set up the table when you wake up, "so you don’t have to rush between cooking and getting ready for the big evening," Zornitsa says.

Another way to avoid the unwanted mess is to think ahead.

"For example, ask your guests to leave their shoes near the front door, so you do not have to clean mud or other stains from your carpets," Zornitsa suggests.

"Also fill your sink or a bucket near it with warm soapy water and put the dishes and glass in it. Doing this will minimise the time spent washing them all up."

Meanwhile, as tempting as it is to avoid it all until the very end, it's best to tidy up throughout the day and trust us, you'll be glad you did.

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Each time you walk in to grab another drink or a serving of food, take your plate or glass and wash it up. Or spend a couple of minutes tidying up so you're not spending an hour or more doing it at the end of the day.

If you have a lot of food left over, Zornitsa suggests asking your family and friends to gather in the kitchen. Have them prepare the leftovers to take some home, that way you're not stuck doing it all.

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