I’m a cleaning guru & fabric softener is ruining your clothes – using it to make your house smell nice is dangerous too | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has revealed why you should change your laundry routine and ditch the fabric softener.

For years, fabric softener has been the go-to staple for many households across the world – but according to one cleaning guru, this laundry day essential is more harmful than you'd imagine.

Ann Russell, whose advice has made her somewhat of an internet sensation, took to TikTok to explain why she doesn't use fabric softener on a regular basis.

One of the reasons, she said in her video, was that the chemicals found in this product makes clothes more flammable.

The same also applies for making a cheap DIY spray used to give furniture a fresh scent.

''I'm not a fan of fabric softener in general. Not saying I never use it – cause I do.


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''But I use it very, very rarely.''

If you use, Ann went on to add, it can actually make your clothes smell in the long run.

At first, they'll come out smelling brilliant. But within two days, after sitting in the wardrobe for some time, the garments will have a sour aroma.

''That's the fabric softener. It's because it builds up on clothes and when you've got it, your clothes feel floppy and heavy, and greasy.

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''If you use it generously in every wash, you will find that your clothes get dirtier quickly and it smells funky and sour.''

To make matters worse, Ann noted, too much of this product can also leave ''weird patches'' on your garments.

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''Keep it for high days and holidays, and occasionally.''

Once you've washed the load – without the fabric softener, of course – it's time to put it to dry, and Ann revealed how to do it without switching on the heating.

After watching her videos, one desperate fan left a comment seeking help from the guru.

''Anne help! My clothes stink from washing and won't dry. Have the window and a fan on.''

Offering a helping hand to all those with the same issue, the cleaning whizz uploaded a video explaining what to do.

''I try to make sure that everything is folded and not too thick,'' Ann said in the clip, where she was using a tier airer.

''You're going to have to re-wash your stuff, and if the smell still doesn't come out, put it all in a thing.

''Re-wash some of it – half the amount […]. High spin.

''Don't dry too much stuff at a time,'' Ann warned.

Once washed, fold the garments ''neatly'', as according to Ann, this allows the air from the fan – placed next to the rack – to flow freely.

''It [air] needs to be able to move to evaporate the water off.

''If it's too thick or clumpy, it won't get rid of the water – and then it will smell.''

The hack has since gone viral, racking up close to 250k views in less than a day, and has seen hundreds of people thanking her – as well as sharing their top tips.

One commented: ''I’ve put my carboot rail up, I hang clothes on hangers and just put them away when they are dry. Works a treat.''

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Another revealed:''white vinegar is a god sent for odour on clothing! I had serious mold in my old rental and it got into my clothes. white vinegar saved me!''

Someone else added: ''Putting stuff on hangers seems to help and spacing them out hanging them on door frames.''

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