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WE'RE taught anything can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease and a lot of hard work – but what if it didn't need to be so much effort?

When it comes to cleaning our home, we're all prepared to get our hands dirty, or we're told we need to splurge on expensive products to make the job easier.

But actually, there are some simple and effective hacks you can do at home that require little to no money, and minimal effort.

Here Miss Mason Cleaning company owner Danielle Mason shares her top seven tips to make your house sparkle – all costing £1 or less…

Tin trick

Washing up is one of those jobs that feels never ending, and it can feel like you're chained to the sink.

Stainless steel scourers often do the job on stubborn grime, but if you don't have a pack, there's another simple solution.


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Danielle says: "Tin foil scrumpled up in a ball can be used to get grease and food off tin trays from the oven.

"Just give it a good scrub."

Just make sure you're careful and not scrubbing too hard, to avoid damaging the pan.

Perfect polish

If you've run out of polish, there are plenty of products you're likely to have lying around the house already that can really make your home sparkle.

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Danielle says: "Apply a dab of baby oil to a microfibre cloth or soft tissue.

"This really brightens up chrome surfaces, and removes any greasy marks.

"Additionally, a fresh lemon squeezed into warm water can also be used to polish windows and glass."

Down the pan

Cleaning the loo is one of the most important, but understandably disliked, household chores.

And while it is cheap and pouring bleach down the bowl is effective, it is a chemical and not environmentally friendly at all.

You can also get through bottles of it, which potentially doesn't work out very cost effective.

Danielle says: "Rather than putting bleach down the toilet you can soak tissue in vinegar.

"Simply place it in the toilet basin leave for half an hour or so, then flush."

Alternatively you can leave the vinegar overnight, then add baking soda the next morning and use a toilet brush to scrub.

Savvy shower trick

If your shower head has become blocked with limescale, there's a quick and easy way to remedy the problem.

Danielle says: "Fill a sandwich bag with warm water and vinegar.

Then, place the shower head in the warm water sandwich bag and tie it using a hair bobble.

"Just leave to soak for 10 minutes or so, and this will remove limescale."

So fresh and so clean

If you want to make your house smell irresistibly fresh, purchase a small bottle of Zoflora which can be bought online for as little as a pound, and add it to water.

Danielle says: "Use it to wipe down radiators in winter.

"This not only removes bacteria, but also makes the house smell great, especially when heating's on.

"It's also great to use on light switches and around kids' grubby bedrooms.

"If you want to unblock plug holes, a cap of Zoflora and boiling hot water also does the trick."

Think pink

Another 'miracle' product cleaning enthusiasts swear by is The Pink Stuff, £1.

Environmentally friendly and tough on stains, this is a popular purchase.

Danielle says: "For stained shower doors or water marks, The Pink Stuff is perfect.

"Give the surface a scrub and leave for ten minutes or so, then rub off.

"Dry the area with kitchen roll and you can even wipe with vinegar to add extra sparkle."

Hoover hack

Finally, if you want to freshen up your hoover, and therefore your carpets and rugs, a simple spoon full of cinnamon could be the answer.

Danielle says: "If you have a stinky vacuum, hoover up some cinnamon.

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"It makes the smell go instantly!

"I also usually splash Zoflora on my hoover bag too – it makes the house smell unreal."

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