I'm a crunchy mum & love tiny clothes – people judge me for how I dress but I don't care, I'm comfortable in my skin | The Sun

JUST because you become a mum doesn't mean you suddenly have to change your wardrobe to what others deem 'appropriate'.

And one parent who certainly doesn't care about what people think of her fashion choices is Krysta Feth (@krysta_feth).

The self-titled ''crunchy'' mum, believed to be from the US, regularly shares snaps of herself rocking skimpy bikinis and tight gym clothes revealing he enviable figure and iron abs.

''Motherhood didn't come with a dresscode,'' the gym fanatic insisted on TikTok.

''I get a lot of comments about what kinda mom I must be dressed the way I do.''

Hitting back at all the meanies, she went on: ''I’m a homeschooling, crunchy, natural momma who’s built my entire existence around my children.

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''I just also happen to be incredibly comfortable in my own skin.

''I doubt my son will ever think to tell a woman what she should wear. He’s got a momma and 3 sisters,'' Krysta added.

''Lord knows I’m not for everyone and don’t care to be.''

But although the mum's gained thousands of fans appreciating her message, there are also countless trolls commenting on her videos.

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For the most part, they reckoned Krysta sporting small bikini bottoms was too much and far from ''classy''.

A fellow mum penned: ''Yeah, same here, until one day my son said that he is not comfortable seeing me with tiny shots [shorts].''

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''That was the line for me. And he was right.''

Someone else reckoned she was simply thirsty for looks, writing: ''The amount of attention you need is very, very sad, friend.''

''Nothing wrong with a little class,'' a third added.

However, it seems that the negative comments haven't affected her – for this year, Krysta has promised to remain unapologetically herself.

Like Krysta, mum Harper also doesn't care what others have to say about her fashion choices.

Instead, the confident mama of twins is sticking to her ways and wearing exactly what she wants, even if it's considered "inappropriate" for a parent.

In a video, the mom, Harper, responded to the following comment she seems to often get from other moms: "I think it's inappropriate to wear crop tops, 2-piece sets, or anything revealing once you become a mother!"

Harper faked a look of concern, putting her hands to her chest – then as the beat of the music dropped, she danced.

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"We do not care," she asserted, mouthing along to the words of the song and standing firm in her preferences.

Harper took it a step further and clarified in the caption of her video that she was proud of her body, writing "#MomBod," "#NoThankYou," and "#PerfectAsWeAre."

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