I’m a DIY whizz & have a trick to make sure I never buy things in the wrong size & there’s no measuring tape involved | The Sun

IT'S ALWAYS annoying trying to find something that needs to fit in a space perfectly.

Even if you remember to bring a measuring tape to the shop you'll probably forget the size you need to measure in the first place.

Luckily, one savvy DIY whizz shared the clever hack she uses which means she never has to remember any numbers or even bring a measuring tape with her.

Sharing the clip on her TikTok account, @k.terps, Kendra filmed her leg and hand in her car, each with a small pen mark on them.

She said: "You may be wondering what these marks are for, let me show you."

Kendra then used the one mark on her hand to measure a small plant pot in a shop.

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She placed her hand next to several different sized pots until she found one that matched the mark on her hand exactly.

Not only that, but she used the mark on the calf of her leg to measure larger pots.

She took one pot of the shelf and placed it on the floor, but it was just below the mark – meaning it was too small.

Just remember to wear the same shoes when you measure the size it needs to be at home, or you measurements could be off.

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Kendra's genius trick racked up a whopping 7.2 million views as viewers were amazed by the subtle trick.

One said: "I've always measured with my body, my spouse always laughed at me but it's a measuring tape I can't lose and it's always with me!"

A second wrote: "This is the smartest thing I've ever seen."

And another quipped: "Exactly how I bought my barstools!"

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