I'm a fashion fan & have found the perfect hack to turn your bra into a push up – it gives an instant boob lift | The Sun

A FASHION enthusiast has revealed a quick and easy bra hack that'll give you an instant boob lift in seconds.

Hannah Warling took to TikTok and shared a short clip where she can be seen wearing a normal nude-coloured t-shirt bra.

In the clip, she begins: "Don't have a push up bra? Try this easy hack."

She then pulls one bra strap down and removes her arm, before flipping the bra's cup over and rotating it fully once.

Next, Hannah places her arm back in the strap and positions her breast so it's sitting comfortably in the cup.

Then she simply repeats on the other side.


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And the results are very impressive and give the illusion of a quick boob lift.

So it's no wonder the post was flooded with comments from social media users.

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"ommggggg," wrote one.

A second joked: "We’re gonna be poppin'."

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A third commented: "That's what I need."

Meanwhile, a further penned: "So creative!"

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Another quipped: "lmao I need this."

A further added: "I’m trying this."

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