I'm a fashion pro – my cheap hack will stop sticky bras sliding off this summer & will give your boobs a push-up | The Sun

WITH the summer season in full swing, the heat is really starting to pick up.

Sunny days mean sweaty bodies, and it’s not easy to dress in a way that hides that.

A fashion lover named Hannah Moore, who goes by @hannah_bottiger on TikTok, received over three million views on her video that addressed a common problem women deal with in the summer: their sticky bras don’t stay in place.

“For any of you who need a good sticky bra in the summer because of all these little shirts,” she said, pointing to a spaghetti strap dress in which a regular bra would be visible.

“Sticky bras do not work in like 90-degree heat.”

Those bras rely on your dry skin to stick to your boobs—but with too much sweat, that won’t happen.


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“So, I got these. They stick to your dress and not you.”

Hannah said another bonus was that the product was “super cheap”— you can currently get two for $24.99.

“It came with a nude and a black pair.

“It does have a little push-up, kind of, you know.

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“And it just helps you out a little. If you’re a mom like me who has breastfed for the last three years, and you need something, you can’t just let it go without a pad.”

Hannah said they are “super cute” and added that she’s going to use them on all of her bridesmaids' dresses this summer.

Viewers in the comments were excited about the find, and some of them had already tried the bra and sang its praises:

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“Immediately just bought these,” one person wrote.

“They’re also waterproof. I wear them in bikinis!” added another.

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