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WHEN it comes to Christmas dinner there is a long list of essentials to be cooked, just right and at different times. 

Usually you're working with limited oven space which can leave you cooking food throughout the morning and afternoon just to make sure everything gets cooked in time.

If you’re the one in your family who is going to be spending all day in the kitchen then this is for you. 

Becky Excell is a foodie who shares quick and easy budget recipes online. 

In a recent video she shared her tip for getting Christmas dinner essentials done quickly without using up loads of oven space.

Becky said: “Now tell me, do you like little piggies wrapping in crispy blankets at Christmas?”

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She said: “Well if you do remember that you can cook these in the air fryer alongside your stuffing.”

She continued: “It saves some oven space and well Christmas dinner isn't complete without a few kilted sausages.”

She wrote: “AIR FRYER PIGS IN BLANKETS & STUFFING  they are the best parts of Christmas dinner, am I right?! This is more of a reminder than anything that the air fryer is the perfect place to cook your pigs in blankets and stuffing over Christmas. 

Becky said: “The oven is often heaving so making the most of the air fryer if you have one! Just pop these in on air fry for 10-12 minutes at 180C. Sorted.”

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She said: “Save this as a reminder for the big day… its coming up very soon and I know lots of people have been getting air fryers recently!!”

This is a great tip. 

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For most of us extra space is going to be a luxury. 

With this hack you can use up more space roasting your turkey and potatoes. 

This also helps with reducing your cooking times. 

A lot of the time we end up setting several timers making sure that everything is fully cooked on the right temperature. 

But if you use this tip you can get your pigs in blankets and stuffing done last minute without the hassle.

Becky’s video has gained over 22,000 views. 

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Viewers loved Becky’s tip. 

One commenter said: “Yes, the best part of the Christmas dinner.”

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