I'm a gym girl in the no bra club – men say they go 'cross eyed' watching me work out but it's beneficial to go natural | The Sun

A MEMBER of the "no bra club" has said there can be numerous health benefits to letting the girls hang free.

TikToker Yasmin often posts her workout routines on the video platform, but has raised some eyebrows regarding her attire.

In her latest video, the model and fitness trainer revealed that for smaller women, not wearing a bra can be beneficial while working out.

Yasmin said: " When you are smaller chested like myself, not wearing a sports bra can actually more beneficial.

"It allows the pores and skin to breathe and strengthens the muscle around the tissue making things more firm and perky."

Some online agree, reporting improved breast shape, better circulation and better breast skin health after going braless.

Cleary her method is working, as many have pointed out how incredible she looks while working out.

One cheeky user said: "Ever heard of a sports bra? I'm cross eyed now. Thanks."

Another piped in: "More beneficial for the guys around you too."

One woman asked if working out without a bra is comfortable, to which Yasmin replied: "Very!"

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In a different video, Yasmin set hearts racing as she posted in an all-white tennis outfit.

Users were infatuated: "Sweet baby Jesus."

One member of the "no bra club" shared that although her girls aren't perky, she still prefers to go braless.

Estée captioned the video: "Gravity is normal and big boobs are heavy!

"Some of my videos might make it seem like I am always confident, but that’s not true. I have good days and bad days.

"It’s a long process trying to unlearn societal standards for how someone should look."

One girl commented: "My boobs are similar! I wish perkies weren't the only ones acceptable."

Another said: "It's just life.. gravity scars, stretch marks."

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