I’m a housing expert – the simple way to dry your clothes without using a dryer, and it only costs 6p | The Sun

WITH WINTER approaching the UK it means we can no longer rely on our outside clothes hangers to get them dry.

But a housing expert has revealed another method to dry your clothes quickly without using the dryer, and it'll only cost 6p an hour.

As energy prices continue to increase many of us want to keep our bills down.

Housing expert, Jonathan Rolande, from House Buy Fast, has revealed you should ditch using your tumble dryer.

While they can be handy to dry clothes quickly during the cold months, they're also incredibly expensive.

Jonathan added they can cost upwards of £300 a year to run based on usage twice a week.


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The housing expert revealed to the Express that it was worth exploring new ways to dry your clothes to keep energy costs down.

He added: "As a more cost-effective alternative, consider drying clothes outside on a washing line or even investing in a heated clothes airer."

Heated clothes airers allow you to dry your clothes no matter the weather.

They usually come with heated bars to help speed up the drying process and cost a fraction of the price to run compared to tumble dryers.

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Jonathan said they usually “cost 6p an hour to run”.

Daniel Nezhad, Director of UK Radiators also revealed normal clothes dryers placed safely in front of radiators can do the same.

He added: "Turn on the heating and let the room fill with warmth, taking care to rotate your drying rack every so often. 

“This will equally distribute the heat around all the clothes, helping the whole load to dry at the same pace.”

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