I'm a makeup pro & you've been applying your blush all wrong…my way gives you an instant face lift | The Sun

THERE are many tricks that makeup artists use to perfect the perfect glowy look.

But unfortunately these aren’t widely known.

And unless you pay a fortune to do a makeup course, you’ll probably have a few trial and errors when getting dolled up. 

However, the internet has now become a great resource for discovering professional tricks and tips. 

Especially TikTok, as many beauty fans and professionals take to the platform to share their advice. 

And one recent trick has shocked many makeup fans.


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It’s how to apply your blush, and it’s not the way you think it is according to this makeup pro at cosmetic brand Il Makiage.

In a video, shared to their 151k followers, the pro films herself applying a red blush with a brush. 

She starts off by showing the wrong way to do it.

Demonstrating herself, she dabs and brushes the powder on her cheek just under her eye. 

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She shows the difference it can make in a viral videoCredit: TikTok/@ilmakiage

She then follows this by showing the correct technique when applying a blush.

The makeup pro holds the brush and begins adding powder to the high end of her cheek, closer to the corner of her eye. 

She claims it will give you an instant lift to your cheeks. 

However, there were mixed opinions from people commenting on her video.

One wrote: “There is no wrong way, it depends on your face shape and the look you try to go for.” 

Another added: “Depends on face shape and age.” 

A third wrote: “That’s super cute.”

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