I'm a massage therapist and this is what we really think when you haven't shaved your legs or you start snoring

GETTING A massage can be a nerve-wracking experience – especially if it’s your first time – but have you ever wondered what your massage therapist is thinking? 

Professional massage therapists are always pointing out how they’ve seen it all – and not to worry – but they are still human.

Just like the rest of us, they have odd thoughts that pop into their heads while they’re getting down to business. 

We’ve spoken to an expert to find out what they’re really thinking and she revealed some of the things that. 

Massage therapist Sally Chamness admits there’s nothing better than seeing a client experience pain relief for the first time in a long time. 

The massage expert, who has been the Clinic Director of Phoenix Health and Wellness since July 2010, said there are some things that professionals think about when working.

She said: “I am a massage therapist based in central Scotland. When the treatment room gets quiet, a massage therapist's mind can run a million miles per hour. 

“Massage is a means of self-care where the therapists can help the client go through the healing process. Whether that be physically, emotionally or mentally.

“We provide a safe, comforting place to address our clients' aches, pains, and concerns and help educate them in self-care. 

“Massage is cumulative, the more you receive, the longer lasting and more benefits you experience. From stress relief, relaxation to pain management.”

Sally revealed the top things massage therapists think about – from her experience – when their minds start to wander when working with a client…


The massage expert admitted one of the things she’s often found herself thinking about when she gets to work on a customer is food.

She said: “It’s always food. What we just ate, or what we are planning to eat after the treatment or shift is over.”


Sally also admitted that as a multi-tasker, she can often be left thinking about her to-do list when her mind wanders while doing a treatment. 

She said: “A quiet treatment room leaves us plenty of space to go through everything we need to get done for the day and working out when we can squeeze it in!”


But it’s not always the customer who is feeling self conscious about themselves.

As massage therapist Sally revealed, the experts are often wondering about what they smell like.

She said: “Sometimes we’ll be thinking, ‘can the client smell my lunch or coffee breath?’ As well as, ‘am I wearing too much perfume or deodorant’?” 


Another thing that a massage therapist can be left thinking during a treatment with a client, is how fab their client looks, admitted Sally. 

She said: “I’m often thinking about how they have gorgeous hair colours, fab nails or incredible tattoos. 

“And then, we worry about getting our massage oil in their beautiful hair or if the face cradles, is it going to ruin their new lashes?” 


Massage therapists are normal people – just like everyone else – and they've often been working in the industry a long time. 

So sometimes their minds can wander to the TV shows they’re currently bingeing. 

Sally said she sometimes thinks: “Did you see the latest episode? What a scandal!” 


Another thing that a massage therapist can be thinking about when they are giving a treatment – is about how they wish they were experiencing the treatment. 

Expert Sally admitted: “One of the hardest parts about massage therapy is that you can never truly experience your own treatment!

“Sometimes when I’m working on an area of the neck or shoulders I think, ‘oh man, that was the best session yet.’

“I get a little jealous that I can’t do it for myself.”


But a massage therapist’s biggest concerns are often about the client. 

Sally explained: “As you can see we are often more concerned about what the clients are getting from us than whether the clients have shaved their legs, or have recently had a pedicure. 

“Trust me, if I were to lift my trouser legs I’d be giving chewbacca a run for his money!”


Even if you snore during your treatment, the massage therapists don’t mind – it means you’re totally relaxed.

Sally explained that they aren’t there to judge – and she loves the variety that her job brings – as well as the problem-solving aspect. 

She enjoys working with her clients to create a treatment plan for them that is going to give them the best outcome. 

She said: “If you snore during your treatment, I’m not going to tell you, and if you ask if you snored. ‘maybe just a little’, is what we are going to say! 

“We aren’t there to judge, we see they’re to make you feel better.”

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