I’m a mom & everyone gets my age massively wrong – people are shocked when I tell them | The Sun

A MOM has stunned millions of people by revealing her true age.

Going by 'Curly Kathi' on TikTok, she wowed viewers after taking part in the viral 'age challenge'.

Kathi is seen standing between either 26 or 37 – and most people assumed they knew which way she would go.

But she left everyone baffled after first hinting she was 26, only to reveal she is actually in her late 30's.

The curly-haired bombshell racked up over 11 million views with the comedy clip.

She has amassed a following of nearly 150K, and plenty of users flooded the comments with praise for the mom who is "refusing to age".

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One person said: "You're 26?? You look awesome for 37".

Another commented: "This is so beautiful to watch – you just put a smile on my face".

"80s baby's forever young", joked a third.

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Other women who have been blessed with age-defying looks are puzzling TikTok viewers after revealing how old they really are after taking part in the challenge.

This former Hooters waitress turned back time after slipping back into her old uniform.

It left people scratching their heads as they can't believe how long it's been since the bombshell first worked there.

But while plenty find themselves heaped with praise, this woman instead was hit with bitter reality after she asked her followers to guess her age – and got the opposite answer she likely was hoping for.

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