I’m a mum-of-two at 20 & had my first six years ago- other parents judge me but I don’t care, I’m way more fun than them

THERE'S no denying that having kids completely turns your life upside down – and when you're still adjusting to it all, support from other new mums can be invaluable.

But what about if you're a teen mum? Well as Gabbie Egan knows all too well, befriending other parents can be a VERY different experience.

Earlier this year, the mum-of-two – who had her first child when she was 13 – shared the pros and cons of being a young mum.

In a viral video that's racked up over 115,000 "likes", Gabbie revealed her kid's school is always mistaking her for their other sister or nanny.

She said: "[They also thought I was the babysitter] even though I've said a thousand times that I'm the mum."

What's more, Gabbie says she doesn't feel like her child's teacher takes her "as seriously as the other parents" because of her age.

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On top of this, Gabbie says she doesn't have any other friends who are parents either.

She continued: "No mum friends. No dad friends. Everybody is older than you and pretty much judge you.

"They're like, 'who is this teenager picking up these kids?'"

As a result, Gabbie feels like she "has to do more than your average parent" to defy people's expectations.

"When you're a teen mum, people just automatically assume the worst," she said. "They think your kid comes from a bad situation when that's not even the case."

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However, it's not all negative – as Gabbie says there's one serious upside to having her kids so young.

She added: "You're younger, you're more [fun] than all the other parents.

"But they will never know because they don't want to be your friend."

Needless to say, Gabbie's video struck a chord with other teen mums.

One replied: "All facts! I’m 27 with an almost 10 year old almost 7 year old and almost 5 year old and I feeeeeel this!"

Another added: "My daughters teacher calls MY MOM instead of me, with issues or when my daughter gets in trouble."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I'm 19 with a five month old so I get judged a lot from everyone besides my husband."

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