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A SELF-DESCRIBED "seasoned office hot girl" has shared with viewers ways to expertly get away with not wearing a bra to work.

She delved into detail in a popular TikTok video, explaining the many circumstances women should or should not wear a bra under their tops.

TikTok creator Betsy, also known as @hotline_blynk on the platform, believes that there's an outfit for every occasion.

This is shown by many of her outfit inspiration videos full of different ensembles for different events.

Much of her social contains a bit of style, corporate talk, and mindfulness, according to her TikTok bio.

Betsy drops some advice in a video, where she explains to women how to go braless at work.


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In the video, the corporate employee is simply sitting on a couch as she talks to the camera and explains why going braless at work is such a hot topic.

The conversation came up with her boyfriend, who didn't realize she was at her place of employment without a bra on until she said something.

Betsy then takes the opportunity to lay out some tips on which tops are the best to wear without a bra and which shirts need one at all times in the workplace.

"Form-fitted tees or tanks…wear a bra. Always," she declares.

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On the flip side, she adds that if someone is wearing an undershirt and then a flowing overshirt on top or simply a bralette, then they don't need to wear one in either circumstance.

"If you're wearing a flowy T-shirt, you should probably wear one. Just in case cause that material's pretty thin," she recommends.

In the case of sweaters, it's an interesting debate.

"Fitted sweaters…you need one. Flowy sweaters…maybe you don't need one. It depends on the material," she states. "If it's thick, no. If it's thin, yes."

According to Betsy, bras also need to always be worn under a dress, no matter the fabric, cut, or color.

As the video nears its end, the content creator also brings up a unique point that most offices and corporate buildings are kept at low temperatures and normally "ice cold."

In the end, she suggests wearing a bra regardless of your style choices.

Though if she can consistently keep getting away without wearing it, then she'll continue to do what she's doing.

Numerous people shared the same sentiment as Betsy and expressed them in the comment section of the video.

"I try my d**n best to get away without a bra BUT then it gets slightly too cold and I gotta toss the sweater on or keep the arms CROSSED," one viewer commented.

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