I’m a ‘traditional wife’ – I never cut my hair as my husband wouldn’t like it & we don’t have buds of the opposite sex | The Sun

ONE loyal spouse restricts her hair length and list of friends.

TikTok user Oil Patch Bunny (@oilpatchbunny) deems herself a "traditional wife" based on the rules she follows in her marriage.

In a recent video, the obedient lover talked about what she and her husband do that some people may find controversial.

"Here are five things we do in my traditional marriage," the TikToker said.

Oil Patch Bunny stood in her kitchen with her red hair half up.

She wore a turquoise V-neck top and a white headband.

"We have pink chores and blue chores," Oil Patch Bunny admitted.

The wife held a wooden spoon with a mixing bowl for the "pink chores."

For the "blue chores," she lifted an iridescent blue trash bag.

Oil Patch Bunny proclaimed: "I do all of his laundry, and pack his work bags and gear."

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Besides household tasks, the willing wife explained their relationship limits.

"We don't have close friendships with our exes or with people of the opposite sex," she said.

"That one gets people very upset."

While Oil Patch Bunny may love her long locks, the style isn't necessarily up to her.

She doesn't cut her hair because she knows her husband prefers it lengthy.

"When my husband gets paid, he transfers all the money to me," the woman said as she scrubbed the counter.

Over 1,700 TikTok users had something to say in the comments.

"Very sad," a devastated viewer wrote.

An honest individual said: "You lost me, then reeled me back in when you said he transfers you ALL the money."

"Each to their own, but my male bestie of almost 20 yrs and I are a packaged deal," one woman admitted.

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A critical person commented: "The friendship thing just means there is no trust which is just plain sad."

Oil Patch Bunny responded: "It doesn't mean that at all."

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