I'm a traveller – people always ask why we use plastic to wrap our rugs, there’s a really good reason for it | The Sun

A TRAVELLER has hit back at people questioning why she plastic wraps her rugs by revealing the reason she does so.

Bridget took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself wrapping the new rug she'd picked up.

"So I’m just unravelling the plastic I bought from Dunelm," she said.

"And I’m just giving the carpet a good hoover to make sure there’s no crumbs or hairs or anything because it’s so annoying."

Bridget added that she would rather take all the plastic off and do it again if she spots even a bit of fluff underneath, because it's "so bugging".

"The plastic didn’t fit with the width of the carpet, but that’s ok because I just cut another long piece off and put it on," she said.

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"I couldn’t even see it – I had to feel for where the line was, and you just tape it down with clear tape – you can’t even notice it."

Once she'd figured out the correct size of plastic for the rug, she laid it down pattern side down, pulled the plastic around the back and taped it down.

"I love these rugs, they’re just so nice," she concluded.

"Thank you so much, John’s Rugs!"

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"why have a nice rug even you can't enjoy the feeling of it?" one person took to the comments section to ask.

With Bridget responding: "I couldn't enjoy it being dirty and full of dog hair."

"Why not just enjoy the rug on your feet nothing last forever , life’s to short just enjoy the rug," someone else commented.

As Bridget replied: "It’s not about buying another rug, I can get 10 if I want.

"I just like stuff to stay really clean."

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