I’m a vet and these four dog breeds will cost you the most money when it comes to vet bills | The Sun

A VET has revealed the four types of dog breeds that will land you with the heftiest of medical bills.

Amir Anwary, a vet from South Africa, regularly shares veterinary tips on his TikTok account (@amirthevet).

And it's a good thing too as when it comes to introducing a dog to your life there are lots of things to consider.

When bringing a pet into your home, you want to consider how well-behaved they are with children, how much exercise they need and what they might cost you in vet bills.

In the short TikTok video, the animal doctor said: "Top four dog breeds with the highest vet bills."

One of the dog breeds comes as no surprise, the French Bulldog.


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These dogs often suffer from breathing difficulties due to their flat faces.

Next up is the Rottweiler, many large dog breeds often end up with bone and joint problems.

Another dog that could cost you a pretty penny when it comes to vet bills is the Bernese Mountain Dog, another large dog breed that suffers from joint problems.

Finally, the vet revealed that the American Bulldog was another breed that often results in large vet bills.

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The video has since gone viral with over one million views and over 66k likes.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the vet's opinion.

One wrote: "American Bulldog is worth every penny!"

Another person commented: "One of my two rottys is now a $10000 dog from vet bills."

"Damn, I have to agree… I had a Rotti/Bernie mix. Used my down payment for my house on her vet bill. Worth every dime," penned a third.

A fourth added: "We have 2 Frenchies and they are well known by everyone at the vet… I love them though."

Meanwhile, a fifth claimed: "I have 3 Frenchies, you ain't lying."

"Labrador should be there trust me," added another.

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