I’m addicted to shopping & spend £15k a year on takeaways & clothes – here’s how I cut it to £4k to pay off my debts

A DANCER who spends £15,000 a year on takeaway and clothes was given a financial makeover on Channel 4’s Secret Spenders.

Glamorous Natalie often splashes out on shoes and beauty products for her job, but was shown by the experts how she could cut her extra spending to around £4,000 a year. 

On the new documentary, Natalie’s partner Daryl, from Milton Keynes, contacted the experts to help them reduce her spending so they could afford to get married.

He also wanted help with saving money so they could pay off their £15,000 credit card debts. 

Support manager Daryl tells host Anita Rani: “When it comes to money with Natalie she is quite bad, we have tried putting money in pots but it just doesn’t seem to be working.”

The couple bring in £42,000 a year together, but are up to their eyeballs in excessive spending and have three credit cards with £5,000 debt on each.

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Daryl adds: “Due to the nature of her industry, she is always required to be buying different outfits, make-up.

“If you look in her wardrobe it is full of clothes that have never had the tag taken off it.

“I’d like to get married, I know she would as well, I’ve been looking at the rings lately.” 

Natalie says: “When I actually see how much I spend, it’s going to really highlight how bad I’ve been over the past couple of months.”

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The experts stepped in to help and came up with ways to reduce Natalie’s spending. 

First up, they helped Natalie and Daryl from spending £500 a month on takeaways and reduced their budget by half to £250.

They also raided her wardrobe to show her how she could sell up to £500 worth of clothes and bags.

The professionals worked out they could save the couple £11,051 for the whole year – and Nat looked shocked.

Anita said: “You have this money you are just spending it.”

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The experts explained where the savings came from, saying: “Cutting their eating out by half could save the couple £900 a year.

“Turning takeaway spends from £350 a month to £100 will save them £3,000.

“£2,400 of the amount is changing Nat’s monthly clothing budget from £350 to £150.

“Making their homewear budget down to £0 for the year saves them £1,800.”

“Moving their mobiles to sim-only.

“Switching to one Amazon Prime account saves them an extra £1,560.

“Reworking their credit cards to clear their debts with a 0 per cent deals will save them an extra £891 over the year.

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“So this all totals up to the whopping £11,051.”

Nat seemed keen to stick to the budget to help them achieve their wedding goals: “I believe it is really possible to make these lifestyle changes to reach that £11,000.”

Secret Spenders airs on Thursday on Channel 4 at 7pm

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