I’m an interior designer and there’s four colours you should NEVER use in your kitchen – you’ll regret going for grey | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the dodgy colours you should never use in your kitchen, and it's bad news if you love a bit of grey.

Posting on TikTok, Phoenix Grey explained not all colours will look good in your kitchen, even if they work well in other spaces.

First up, despite being bang on trend right now, the interior designer told viewers to avoid a green kitchen, especially if it's a dark shade.

He said: "There's certainly a rise in the popularity for this colour, however certain shades of green do not fit in your kitchen."

Dark green "casts the most unflattering shadow and looks dirtier" and even creates more shadows than black would.

If you can't part ways with your dream green kitchen, make sure you go for an "earthier tone" which will look more flattering in your home.


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The next colour you should avoid is red, according to Phoenix, who admits it's controversial.

But since it's such an intense colour it can look overwhelming when used for large scale designs – like your kitchen.

"When a kitchen space is meant to be an area where you unwind and relax, red is extremely powerful and distracting and I would avoid this for your kitchen because you're going to get really sick of it quickly," he explained.

Yellow is also a no-no for the interior designer, who told viewers it will make your kitchen feel more chaotic.

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He explained: "Your kitchen is a place of enjoyment and peace and there's already a lot going on in this area."

And even though grey might be your go-to colour when you're unsure what to go for, it's not going to look a good as you think in your kitchen.

"The only thing that grey reminds me of is a quick flipped house," Phoenix said.

Not only that, but it can leave a "cold, uninviting and unwelcoming look" and can even "decrease your mood," according to the pro.

If you want a neutral colour that's not white, Phoenix suggests going for 'greige' – a mix of grey and beige.

Other TikTok users agreed with the pro's advice, one said: "I totally agree with red, it screams far food restaurant."

"I did red and changed it within two years," a second agreed.

"Red and yellow kitchen scare me," someone else commented.

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