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ORGANIZING small, awkward spaces is easier to do with the right space-making items.

Dollar Tree is a great place to rely on for organizers who want to make a change on a budget.

Kathryn goes by the name Do It On A Dime on YouTube and shares her home improvement hacks with over 2 million subscribers.

Some of the items from Dollar Tree Kathryn encourages her followers to buy are gray-colored plastic containers that hold her rags and sprays.

Next, she zooms in on the clear stacking containers she found at Dollar Tree to hold her sponges.

Another item from Dollar Tree that Kathryn is excited about is the lazy Susan she created out of cake tins and marbles.

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She uses the spinning device to hold some of her detergent bottles and cleaning products.

After that, Kathryn talks about the useful hanging mechanism on her wall for her brooms and mops.

She has it placed behind the door, totally out of the way to avoid a cluttered floor.

She explains that if you can’t find real broom holders at Dollar Tree, you can make one of your own with a pool noodle.

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To do this, all you need is a knife to cut a few slits along the front of the noodle and heavy-duty tape to hang it up.

All the items Kathryn found are sold for $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

She was able to successfully organize her tiny laundry room space at an affordable price.

Bargain hunters are intrigued by Kathryn’s finds and have spoken up in her comment section.

One woman wrote: “Your channel is one of the reasons I’ve come to love my tiny apartment. I’m definitely going to take these practices and principles I’ve learned to my future home.”

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“Love the DIY turntable! Cake pans, marbles, done!” someone else wrote.

Another person added: “You seriously are reading my mind. I want to organize a small space and needed help — then boom! You come through.”

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