I’m plus-size – trolls tell me I need to lose weight to be beautiful but I know it’s not true | The Sun

PLUS-SIZE women are often subjected to judgment in the form of nonstop backhanded compliments.

One model knows the criticism about her looks isn't true, and she's done listening to it.

Olivia, a Toronto-based model, has over 844k followers across TikTok and Instagram, where she posts fashion and beauty content for her fans.

In a recent clip, she posted an encouraging message for other plus-size women – and shut down any trolls once and for all.

Dressed in a maribou-trim strappy dress, Olivia danced along to a pop song under a quote she hears frequently: "If you lost weight you'd be so beautiful."

As she danced, Olivia started with her hands in a heart, then rolled her eyes and held both middle fingers up instead.

In the caption, she posted a longer message to her fellow plus-size women, encouraging them to love their bodies as-is.

"As plus-size women, we've heard this comment so many times by friends, strangers, or even family members," she wrote.

"The truth is you are beautiful now, and if you want to lose weight, do it for yourself, not to please anyone else or live up to their expectations of you."

"All that matters is that you are happy and feel good," Olivia concluded.

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In the comments, other people thanked Olivia for her candor and positivity, and had genuinely kind things to say about her.

"You couldn’t be anymore beautiful than you are now," one person wrote.

"At 57, I have heard this so many times through my life," another woman revealed. "So upsetting."

"The ol’ 'Pretty for a big girl,'" one woman recalled. "Uh no, just pretty."

"You're f***ing gorgeous the way you are," another commenter wrote in disbelief. "When will people learn it's the flair that makes you beautiful?"

Others were even testier, clearly angered by the cruel comments they and Olivia received.

"I cant count how many people have said that to me and they are butt ugly themselves," one woman said.

"And if people who say stuff like that would shut up they would be pleasant to listen to," another scathed.

A viewer reminded Olivia that the mean comments are less about her and more about the people making them.

"Obvs have issues themselves, poor things," she wrote.

She had a message of her own for Olivia's ugly-on-the-inside trolls: "Keep your nose out," she wrote. "She’s beautiful and you're not."

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