Inside Mr & Mrs Hinch’s family life from their fledgling office romance to daily rows over mess & how they battle trolls

CLEANING sensation Mrs Hinch has gained millions of fans with her household tips – but it is often cheeky husband Jamie who steals the show.

Their enviable relationship began as a work romance, and Sophie, 30, has said how Jamie Hinchliffe – 11 years her senior – is her rock behind her highly popular Instagram account. 

Office romance

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous Digital, Mrs Hinch revealed that she first met her husband Jamie while they were both working in sales.

The pair were both working for a central London job-search company before Sophie left to become a hairdresser.

The lovebirds bought the picture-perfect grey home in Maldon, Essex, that features heavily on Instagram back in 2016. 

Sales manager Jamie is currently on a career break. Mrs Hinch said on her Instagram Stories: "Jamie is currently on a career break, and can return at any time within a certain time period! 

“But he's absolutely loving having time at home with us and I'm so blessed he gets to spend so much time with Ronnie because he's growing so quickly… it's scary." 

Fairytale wedding

Jamie and Sophie got married in August 2018 at Gosfield Hall, which is a former royal residence in Essex near to their home. 

Sophie frequently shares snaps from the beautiful day on her Instagram, taken by photographer Jasmine Jade. 

Her stunning strapless dress was by Madam Burco and discovered in Confetti & Lace, and the couple’s first dance was to Whenever you call by Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey. 

Defends her against trolls

This week, Jamie has rushed to her defence after the star was left "disappointed and hurt" by cruel trolls.

Mrs Hinch has been absent from social media after she opened up about how trolls have been affecting her.

Jumping to his wife's defence, Sophie's husband Jamie posted a rare Instagram story last night hitting back at trolls.

Posting a photo of their dog Henry on a walk, he wrote: "Needed some fresh air with the boy.

"Such a shame Soph's kindness gets mistaken as weakness. I'll toughen her up and never let her fall. Goodnight everyone.”

Although Sophie didn't go into specifics, she previously admitted that cruel comments followers have made about her son "absolutely kill her" and was even viciously trolled last week for the way she organises her wardrobe.

First baby

In December 2018, Mrs Hinch announced to her followers she and husband Jamie were expecting a baby.

Then on June 19, 2019 she announced on social media that she'd given birth to her son called Ronnie James George Hinchcliffe.

Sharing the happy news with her Instagram followers, the star's husband Jamie, 39, wrote: "Yesterday, the 20th June 2019, at 4:11am, I watched my wife, the love of my life, bring our beautiful son Ronnie James George Hinchcliffe into the world, weighing 6lbs 1oz.

"I didn't think I could love Soph any more than I already do but I was so very wrong. For once, I am completely lost for words."

Makes her laugh in daily arguments

Just like most couples, Mrs Hinch and her husband do have disagreements – but Jamie has a great technique for bringing the peace. 

A fan asked Mrs Hinch on Instagram: "Do you and Jamie ever argue? You seem so perfect? If so what do you argue about- curious".

She replied: "He leaves his flip flops in the most random places around the house and I trip up they at LEAST twice a day!"

"I could scream!" she continued, before adding: "When I get mad about it he deliberately makes me laugh so I can't get angry! But it infuriates me.”

He came up with her 'Narnia' cupboard

Mrs Hinch revealed to Fabulous that it was actually Jamie who came up with naming her cleaning cupboard ‘Narnia.’

She said: “I have created a wardrobe in my garage for cleaning products to go into because they were taking up too much space. 

“My partner said one night that it’s like another world in there and everyone heard it on the Instagram live and before you know it, everyone is saying ‘I’ve got Narnia now.’”

Gushy posts

Mrs Hinch shared a rare picture with her husband Jamie in January, gushing: "I couldn't do this without him".

Sophie posted a sweet snap on Instagram, which showed them cuddling on the grey crushed velvet sofa in their Essex home.

Praising her husband, Sophie said: "Im sorry but I don’t even have a caption for this picture guys , I just know without him I couldn’t do this. Goodnight everyone and sweet dreams".

On Valentine’s Day, he wrote: “I’m so very proud of my wife. 

“She is strong, resilient, beautiful and touched the hearts of millions. But nothing beats the feeling of seeing her as Mummy. 

“She gives every part of herself to Ronnie, to make sure he has all he’ll ever need in this life, Love, laughter, stability and kindness. 

“And for that alone I will love her for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my Darling.”

Cosy date nights

Although the glam Instagrammer could most likely bag a table at top swanky restaurants or attend red carpet events, you will most likely catch her and Jamie at home by the TV. 

The pair love nothing more than a takeaway or home-cooked nachos, as they cosy up with dog Henry in their lounge. 

Fans also love it when they use the “Gretel” old lady photo filter together to sing songs. 

Mrs Hinch's 'number one fan'

Jamie does have his own Instagram account – Mr Hinch Home – but tellingly follows just two people, his wife and dog Henry.

He has 534,000 followers and describes himself as "Mrs Hinch's number 1 fan" in the bio.

Both Sophie and Jamie are notoriously camera shy, with the cleaning sensation preferring to share snaps of her spotless home with her 3.4million followers.

He is also a cleaning fan himself, Sophie revealed. 

She told Fabulous: “He loves it, he gets involved. 

“He’ll say to me everyday when he gets in the house, he always praises me and says ‘it smells amazing’ and I like to make sure it’s always done for when he gets home.”

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