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A MUM has explained the reasons she has two sons with the same name.

Jess took to TikTok to share a video response to someone asking about the unusual situation, with the person asking: "Can someone please explain to me why two of them are named Kaden?"

She then responded in another clip, as she said: "If you’re new to our story, we do have two Cadens and it’s because we are a blended family.

"So we have this Kaden, spelled with a K. He is my eight-year-old, he also has a twin named Kyson."

She then pulled another boy into the frame, as she said: "And then we have this Caden right here – my bonus son, aka my stepson.

"He is actually the oldest of all of our kids.

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"I met him when he was four and when me and his dad got together we realised that we both have a son called Caden, hence the reason we both have two Cadens now."

"The reason I have 2 sons with the same name," Jess captioned the video.

The comments section was quickly filled with people admitting they were in similar situations.

"OMG I'm from a blended family &I have 2 brothers with the same name, but it's gets even more ironic one kris with a k and Chris with a c, so same as u," one wrote.

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"How do they know which one you’re yelling for?" another asked.

With someone else replying: "They say big Caden or little kaden."

"My uncle has kids named Shawn & McKenzie and married someone with a Shawn & McKenzie," someone else wrote.

"Always called em Big Mac/Little Mac/Big Shawn/Little Shawn."

"My childhood best friend was named Taylor and had a step brother named Tayler. I’m also Taylor. It got confusing!" another laughed.

"I have an identical twin sister named Jessica and then a step sister Jessica too. We say big Jess and little Jess," someone else said.

As another admitted: "I have a Kaiden James. his 1 half brother is named Alexzander Aiden James and his OTHER half brother is Brayden James. lol."

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