Jason Biggs: What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Sometimes being a parent stinks. That’s why Jason Biggs carries three sets of extra clothing: one for him and two for his sons, Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 20 months — who he shares with wife Jenny Mollen. “You just never know,” says the actor, 41, explaining that they come in handy when one of them (we’re assuming he means the kids!) has a “poop blowout and the poop goes [everywhere].”

Us sees what else is lurking inside Biggs’ Herschel backpack.

Bottoms Up!
“We’re transitioning Lazlo off the bottle. He’s using the Tommee Tippee Easiflow 360 cup. He’s learning how to sip from a normal cup and [this one] doesn’t spill.”

Toy Time
“There’s a lot of Transformers and Paw Patrol in my bag. Sid’s into slap bracelets. That could keep him busy for hours.”

Leaving His Mark
“We have a ton of coloring books and crayons and pencils — no markers. Lazlo got his hands on a Sharpie the other day and went right for a piece of art on our wall. I literally dove for him and caught him.”

Clean Machine
“I have to have hand sanitizer — you never know when you’ll need to change a diaper in the middle of the park.”

Screen Saver
“We’re not the parents who are like, ‘No iPad.’ It can be a lifesaver.”

What else is inside Biggs’ bag? Three to six Pampers Baby Dry diapers; baby wipes; Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs and Mum-Mum crackers.

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