Kiko Mizuhara Teams with London’s Fruity Booty on Lingerie Capsule

LONDON – Kiko Mizuhara, arguably the best known American-Japanese model in recent memory, is to launch her first collaboration with the East London female-led lingerie brand Fruity Booty.

It’s understood that the collaboration, dropping on Thursday, started with a direct message on Instagram. Mizuhara said she is always hunting for cute lingerie brands, and she bought an orange lingerie set right after she found Fruity Booty.

Kiko Mizuhara wearing her collaboration with Fruity Booty Courtesy

“I like how Fruity Booty is edgy and cute at the same time and uses beautiful colors,” she said: “I want everyone to feel the soft touch of the material and feel happy, beautiful, and excited wearing this underwear/nightwear as I felt that way.”

Mizuhara used the orizome technique, which is a traditional Japanese paper craft that combines origami folding and colored pigment dip-dyeing, to develop the prints for the capsule, as she has “always attracted to the beauty of orizone.”

“In this collaboration with Fruity Booty, I got an idea of using orizome print onto their classic sheered lingerie and nightwear. And through this collaboration, I was able to work with one of the best orizome designers, Mr. Yamamoto, and discovered the joy and excitement of making the design,” she added.

Kiko Mizuhara wearing her collaboration with Fruity Booty Courtesy

Founded by Minna Bunting and Hattie Tennant in 2017, Fruity Booty operates with a direct-to-consumer model. It’s being sold only through an e-commerce platform.

A bikini set by the brand is priced around 70 to 80 pounds, while a top and a sarong are being sold at 50 and 30 pounds, respectively.

The brand said all collections were designed to celebrate the diversity of women’s bodies and boost confidence under their “wear, keep, love” philosophy, and created from deadstock and sustainably sourced materials.

It also said the brand doesn’t airbrush and alter imagery and never shoots campaigns in the bedroom.

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