Meghan Markle news LIVE – Duchess wore outrageous £38k worth of luxury clothes on 3 day Invictus Games charity trip

MEGHAN Markle wore a staggering £38,000 worth of luxury clothes all within the space of just three days whilst on the Invictus Games trip.

The clothes were from a mixture of high end designers to independent jewellers coming to a combined total of £37,869 for the Easter weekend trip. 

Meghan averaged a whopping £13,000 a day.

The Duchess of Sussex squeezed in seven trendy looks whilst attending the Invictus Games, as well as showing off new jewellery including a £12,800 Cartier necklace and £911 collection of pinky rings.

Her most expensive outfit was worn during the Opening Ceremony where she sported a £620 body suit from US designer Khaite, with a pair of £595 Manolo and a dazzling new necklace from Cartier cost £12,800.

As a working member of the royal family, the cost of Meghan's clothes for work engagements was covered by Prince Charles through the budget he gave the couple from the Duchy of Cornwall.

But after the couple became financially independent, it is not clear who is picking up the bill for Meghan's clothes.

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    Piers Morgan opens up about how he became friends with Meghan

    PIERS Morgan has opened up about his former friendship with Meghan Markle before she married Prince Harry.

    The 57-year-old, who will launch new TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored later this month, famously quit Good Morning Britain after to refusing to apologise for comments he made about the Duchess.

    Now Sun columnist Piers has shared how his brief friendship with Meghan came about.

    He said: “One day, I was bored at home – this was 2015 – and I followed four of the stars of Suits on Twitter. Three of the guys and Meghan Markle.”

    Piers continued to The Times: “She direct-messages me five minutes after I followed her saying, ‘Oh my God, thanks for the follow. I’m such a big fan!’ which is quite given the way things have played out.

    “She’d watched me on CNN, liked me, blah-blah-blah, whatever. Anyway, I started exchanging messages with her and a guy called Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt in Suits.

    “The three of us messages away, sending me early preview episodes, emailing. He came on Good Morning Britain; we sent the pictures to Meghan. All very light-hearted.”

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    Meghan pic reveals hidden ‘disaster’ for Firm

    A royal commentator has said that Meghan Markle’s Markle’s return to the limelight strikes “disaster” for the firm. This is as Prince William and his wife Kate will not be able to “compete”.

    Royal columnist Daniela Elser has said that “the couple’s full-throttle return to the limelight” is “the shape of things to come” which is “a disaster” for the house of Windsor.

    She explains that the Cambridge’s attendance at the Easter Sunday service was overshadowed by the Sussex’s “return to the limelight” at the Invictus Games.

    Elser continued to say: “What seems increasingly clear is that the Cambridges’ programme of good works cannot compete.”

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    Meghan missing Archie and Lilibet

    Meghan Markle said she was missing Archie and Lili while in the Netherlands with Harry.

    The Duchess of Sussex reportedly made the comment as she sat in of a reading to a group of 12 children in a private event held in the Zuiderpark on the second day of the event.

    She told British army veteran James Stride she had wanted to attend the reading as it meant she would be around children, who reminded her of her own back home in California, the MailOnline reports.

    James, who is competing for team GB in the games, told the publication: “Meghan was quite chatty and told me she was missing her children.

    “She said she wanted to be with children as she was missing her own.”

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    Prince Harry: ‘It is our responsibility that the world is the way that it is’

    Prince Harry was interviewed by two young reporters, Sophia, 11, and Jay, 12, during the Invictus Games. With the Duke, they discussed his hopes for his young children.

    When asked what is his wish for Archie, two, and Lilibet, 10 months, Harry candidly said: “To grow up in a better world.

    “To grow up in a fairer world, safer world, a more equal world.

    “It’s not going to be easy, but I will never, ever rest until I, as a parent, have at least tried to make the world a better place for them.

    “Because it is our responsibility that the world is the way that it is now.

    “And I don’t think that we should be bringing children into the world unless we are going to make that commitment to make it better for them.

    “We cannot steal your future.”

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    Harry says it’s extraordinary to have a team from Ukraine at the Invictus Games

    Prince Harry has said it is is “extraordinary” to have a team from Ukraine at the Invictus Games, the sporting event he was involved in founding in which wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women compete.

    The Duke also said it is “emotional” to think about their journey to The Hague in the Netherlands for the event.

    The duke was speaking during an interview that will be broadcast on the BBC on Monday evening.

    In the clip posted online by the broadcaster, Harry told presenter Alex Jones: “The whole world is definitely behind them. But again, is that enough, you know?

    “Because when you get to see them and speak to them, and see in their eyes, the experiences and the things that they’ve seen just in the last few weeks, it’s really hard.”

    Speaking about the Ukrainian team’s journey to the games, Harry said: “It’s emotional to think that they all jumped in the bus, firstly they have to make the decision to come, which was hard enough anyway, then they jumped on the coach, probably slept all the way.”

    “And I think what people need to remember, or perhaps don’t even know yet, is a vast majority of the Ukraine team were serving in some shape or form.

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    Meghan wears £3,600 dress for Invictus Games outing

    Meghan Markle has been captured standing next to a fan, wearing a £3,600 white Valentina dress for an unexpected outing at the Invictus Games.

    A fan stood beside The Duchess and captioned her photo:  “I just met MEGHAN MARKLE!!!”

    Others flocked to comment on the photo, with one fan stating: “She’s a stunningly beautiful woman with the personality to match.”

    Another said: “OMG she’s stunning.”

    While a third wrote: “Congratulations! You both look gorgeous.”

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    Royal fans left fuming at Meg’s introduction of Harry

    Royal fans have criticised Meghan Markle for the way she introduced Prince Harry at the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. 

    Meghan said: “He’s the founder of the Invictus Games and the father to our two little ones, Archie and Lili. Please welcome my incredible husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.”

    However, royal fans took to Twitter with fury to the introduction, with one writing: “Thought it was ‘just Harry’.

    “Prince Harry will suffice. She’s obsessed with those damn titles.”

    While another added: “They found out that ‘Just call me Harry’ does not sell but ‘my husband, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex’ and ‘Hi, I’m Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’ does.

    “Shows that their without titles, their worth decreases and they and their corporate bosses know it.”

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    Harry knocked ‘sideways emotionally’ by Meghan’s kiss

    According to a body language expert, Prince Harry displayed a deeply sad expression and appeared to be tearful after Meghan Markle introduced him on stage during the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games and kissed him.

    The Duchess of Sussex she could not “love and respect him more”.

    The pair then exchanged an intimate kiss in front of the adoring public – a move described as “groundbreaking” – as don’t normally display their affection in public settings.

    Body language expert Judi James told the Mirror: “As Meghan and Harry do the hand-over of the mic they also perform a kiss that would have been a given in the political world but which is groundbreaking in royal terms.

    “It is affectionate but swift, with both smiling proudly as they perform it.”

    Harry appeared to be knocked “sideways emotionally” by the kiss, continued Ms James.

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    Inside Meghan & Harry’s £2,000 a night Hilton suite

    MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry’s luxurious hotel suite with its own private lift and extra rooms for all their entourage has been revealed.

    The Duke and Duchess are said to have stayed at the plush five-star Hilton Hotel in the Hague during the Invictus Games – where the Royal Suite costs nearly £2,000 a night.

    Harry, Meghan, and their entourage are said to have arrived at the swanky hotel ahead of their stint at the Invictus Games this week.

    And their bodyguard Christopher Sanchez also has a room booked at the hotel to keep near to the royal couple at all times, it’s been reported.

    The pair enjoyed the luxury 1,500sqft living space – fit with a king-size bed, breathtaking city views, and a private terrace.

    Meghan and Harry’s Royal Suite room is located at the top of the hotel, and even includes two rainforest showers and a meeting area.

    And at the end of their days at the Games, the Sussexes could relax and watch their 37-inch HD television

    Onlookers at the Hilton were said to be shocked to see the royal pair at the hotel this week.

    But staff at the luxury hotel were briefed about the Duke and Duchess’ stay before their arrival – and were sworn to secrecy.

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    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘invited to join Royal Family on the balcony’

    MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry could be “invited to join the Royal Family on the balcony” at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, sources have claimed.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may join the royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the RAF flypast after receiving an invite, it was reported.

    The pair have been invited to attend the Queen’s celebration of 70 years on the throne during a four-day party in seven weeks’ time.

    But if they do show up, they can’t play any formal roles, sources told the Telegraph.

    If they decide to join the royals, Meghan and Harry will appear at family events – which include the balcony appearance and a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

    But because they’ve revoked their status as working royals, they wouldn’t be able to play central roles in the celebrations, it’s understood.

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    Harry shares what it was like to see the Queen after so long

    Meghan and Harry live in the US and failed to attend the memorial service to mark the one year anniversary of Prince Philip’s death.

    While Meghan and Harry would have no formal part to play during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, they have been invited to the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

    Harry said: “it was great to see” the Queen after he and Meghan met her and Prince Charles in Windsor.

    It’s reported they met for just 15 minutes before the couple flew to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, which took place over the weekend.

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    Meghan and Harry reveal Archie was almost named something else

    Archi was born in 2019, the year following the couple’s wedding.

    Their son is named Archibald Harrison but the couple explained it was a close call between which would be the first and which would be the middle.

    More commonly referred to as ‘Archie’, it means genuine and bold or brave. Harrison means ‘the son of Harry/Henry’.

    Meghan chatted to Sherry McBain, a nursing officer in the RAF competing in the Invictus Games, and her wife, Mandy about the commonality of their children’s names.

    She described Meghan as “very open and friendly”.

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