‘Monstrous’ baby shower cake featuring a doll inside a see-through womb leaves people so disgusted they feel sick

A MUM-to-be’s baby shower cake has been slammed as a ‘monstrosity’ after it featured a doll inside a see-through womb.

The woman decided to have a showstopper of a cake at the bash, as is customary.

While some expectant mums have gender-themed cakes, or sponges in the shape of prams or rattles, one woman decided to go for a more realistic design.

Her yellow cake is in the shape of a torso, showcasing the mum’s bump.

While the top half has a cardigan design piped onto it, the belly is eerily lifelike.

The bakers had put a doll inside some gelatin, mimicking an unborn child in the womb.

That’s haunting my dreams tonight

The unique cake was uploaded onto Facebook group, That's It, I'm Cake Shaming, where people have been sharing their horror at the design.

The post racked up hundreds of comments, with one person saying: “Well, if I didn’t want kids before.

“I definitely don’t want them now.”

Another said: “That’s haunting my dreams tonight.”

This person thought: “Have no words for this monstrosity.”

Another commented: “Omg that’s frightening.”

While this person added: “Just… NO.

“That is the most horrible cake I have ever seen.”

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