Most iconic Christmas movie costumes including Buddy's Elf suit and Mean Girls' Santa latex dresses

WHEN it comes to Christmas movies, there are dozens to pick from – but not all are considered classics.

Similarly, there are dozens of show-stopping Christmas movie outfits worn by some of the most beloved characters, but not every look is as memorable as the next.

Here is a list of the most iconic Christmas movie costumes, from Buddy's Elf suit to the latex Santa dresses in Mean Girls and beyond.


While Mean Girls is nowhere near a Christmas movie, the iconic scene from the North Shore High School’s holiday talent show is one that viewers can never forget. 

The scene features the “plastics” who rule the school – Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), and plastic-in-training Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) – dancing to the classic tune, Jingle Bell Rock. 

The teens are adorned in sexy, yet playful Santa outfits completed with red latex skirts with white fuzz outlining the bottoms and tight red camisoles with the same fuzz lining the top and matching Santa hats. 

While Cady’s parents are clearly uncomfortable watching the flirty performance, Regina George’s mom is behind the video camera cheerfully making sure the girls hit every move, making it a hilarious scene.


It’s difficult not to completely adore the loving, excitable elf named Buddy in the 2005 film Elf.

The movie follows Buddy (Will Ferrell) as he leaves the North Pole to find his real human father, who happens to be a conservative, no-nonsense businessman located in New York City.

Buddy’s bright yellow tights and long green elf coat matches his lively personality and is enough to get anyone excited for Santa to come. 


Maybe more cynical than Buddy’s real father is the Grinch – one of the most iconic Christmas characters of all time. 

Ever since the live-action Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas debuted in 2000, it’s hard not to picture some of the characters from Whoville during Christmastime.

Cindy Lou Who wore many cheerful and merry outfits in the movie, but the pink nightgown she wore while singing Where Are You Christmas? is one that strikes a note in many viewers’ memories.

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While innocent Cindy Lou Who was able to help the Grinch’s heart grow to love Christmas, it’s Martha May who is in love with him.

The movie shows her transform from a childhood classmate of the Grinch to a beautiful woman who has the mayor of Whoville’s attention. 

In one scene, she wears a seductive Santa dress that shows off her hourglass figure and cleavage – a noticeably sexier step up from the outfits worn in Mean Girls.


A Christmas Story is a comedy that follows nine-year-old Ralphie and his calculated pleas to convince those around him he needs the best Christmas present ever: a Red Ryder Lever Action BB.

While he did receive his coveted gun, he also got a present far from ideal.

On Christmas morning, an upset Ralphie is forced by his mom to try on a hand-made bunny onesie from his Aunt Clara.

Ralphie's father is clearly disapproving of the present but won't stand up to his absolutely delighted wife to help Ralphie out.

Ralphie returns in a plush pink onesie complete with bunny ears and his disappointment is strong.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is no ordinary holiday movie.

It follows a father and husband, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), who goes through one hilarious disaster after another trying to give his wife, Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo), and their children an absolutely perfect Christmas. 

The movie ends with Clark realizing that Christmastime isn’t about work bonuses, food, or even gifts, but is about quality time spent with loved ones. 

One of the few calm scenes in the movie shows Clark with his arm wrapped around his wife as they gaze at the night sky in pure bliss. 

He wears the ordinary outfit of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a Christmas tie paired with a Santa hat, while his wife dons a long, pleated green skirt with a white blouse tucked in.


This family Christmas movie is a classic for most kids who grew up in the early 2000s and made many of them hope to be woken up by the classic steam train in the middle of the night for a ride to the North Pole.

While the outfits worn in the movie are predictable – pajamas worn by sleepy kids and a stereotypical conductor uniform worn by the conductor – people have taken a liking to the nameless girl with a big heart who wears a pink nightgown for the trip. 

In fact, interest in her character rose when people started finding lookalikes for her, like one TikToker named Gibby.

Another TikToker named Andy has also reenacted the know-it-all nerd’s parts from the movie as his lookalike. 

Furthermore, both the girl and the nerdy boy have become popular Halloween costumes.


It’s almost impossible to think of holiday movies without thinking of A Christmas Carol. 

The story, which was written by Charles Dickens, has been redone time and time again in varying ways. 

Regardless of how it is portrayed, it always involves a mean-spirited character that is based on the old businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, who was visited by the ghost of his deceased business partner just before Christmas.

After the visit, Scrooge is transformed into a much kinder, more appreciative man.

His classic outfit is a black suit paired with a button-down vest and a tophat. 

As an older man, he usually has a wrinkly, unwelcoming face with gray, disheveled hair sticking out of his hat.

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