Mother-of-the groom branded ‘tacky’ for wearing white on his wedding day – The Sun

MANY people know that the first rule of a wedding is you don’t wear white unless you are the bride. 

However, one mum-in-law decided to flout the rules entirely, by wearing an ivory, full-length gown that could have been mistaken for being bridal. 

The groom shared wedding pictures on Facebook – and the limelight-stealing mum has been slammed for looking “tacky”. 

To make matters worse, the groom decided to make a photo of him and his bridal-looking mum as his profile picture over the one with his bride.

One Reddit user screenshotted the images, and wrote: “Groom(on the right) chose the picture of him and his tacky mom as his profile picture.”

Many people were quick to slam the groom’s mum for her choice of outfit. 

One wrote: “If that was my friend I would straight up ask him when he married his mom. Tacky is right.”

Another added: “I feel bad for the bride”, and one wrote: “White dress AND a bouquet of flowers? Jeez, how can people be so blind to their inappropriate behaviour!”

Meanwhile, another said: “Uhhh just looking at this makes me very uncomfortable."

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