Mrs Hinch completely transforms bedroom for summer with nothing but new curtains & bits from her Tesco range

SOMETIMES all it takes is changing one thing in a room to completely transform it and Mrs Hinch's latest project is picture proof of that.

Forget upcylcing furniture or investing in cans of new paint colours, because simply swapping your curtains can instantly give your room a fresher feel.

Cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch revealed on Instagram that she wanted to make her white and grey themed bedroom lighter and settled on changing her crushed grey curtains for a fresher whiter pair.

Sharing the before and after on Instagram, Mrs Hinch explained: "OK, so I have decided that I want to make this room a little bit lighter guys and more fresh, I guess, for spring/summer, so I have bought some new curtains. I'm going to pop them up and see what they look like."

Keeping her old curtains for when it gets colder later in the year, she said: "I will keep these ones, though, because they're really thick and they're perfect for autumn/winter and I'll put them back up then.

"But, I just want to make it a little bit more lighter in here. I've gone for like a washed linen."

Swapping the curtains over instantly made the room look lighter and airier- all while being fuss-free and not breaking the bank.

Mrs Hinch was shocked over how different her bedroom looked. She told fans: "What do you think? I can't believe the difference! I'm in love."

"I can't believe how much these curtains have changed the whole room," she gushed.

"The fabric is a white-washed linen… they're so clean and so fresh, curtain tie backs are a few pound from eBay."

Mrs Hinch revealed she snapped up her new curtains from local homeware business Country Abodes that sells curtains hand-made to order from £75.

They had shared a picture of Mrs Hinch's bedroom with her new curtains in place to their Instagram page and it was an instant hit.

"Oh how fab! They look beautiful," said one person, while another commented: "So so beautiful xx."

A third wrote: "Looks so clean and fresh…. love it."

One more person agreed: "These are so beautiful, they have changed the look of the room to a lighter and brighter feel! Beautiful."

Mrs Hinch, who is pregnant with her second child, also added products from her new homeware collection with Tesco, including a favourite of hers – an £8 vase made from recycled glass.

She decorated her windowsill with her Lavender Pillow Spray and Candle and teased: "Cant not show you those now can I!"

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