Mrs Hinch reveals genius way to clean your oven racks if you’re short of space & you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it

NOW that we’re spending more time indoors due to lockdown, there’s been a better time to deep clean your home. 

Cleaning queen Mrs Hinch has shared her step-by-step method to get your oven sparkling again – and it’s a must after Christmas. 

Mrs Hinch, who recently revealed she was pregnant with her second child, shared a tutorial to Instagram – and it’s ideal for people who are short on space. 

The mum-of-one, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, filmed the inside of her oven, which she admitted wasn’t “terribly dirty”, but wasn’t exactly “clean” either.

She starts by taking out her oven liners, which she popped in the sink to soak, while she took her oven trays to an unusual location – the bath. 

Mrs Hinch said: “I’m going to take the oven racks upstairs to soak in the bath for a few hours.

“I find it easy that way and they definitely need a soak!”

So if you live in a small house, flat or studio and don’t have a big kitchen – pop your oven racks in the tub to get them gleaming. 

Mrs Hinch revealed she pops them in a mixture of washing up liquid, white vinegar and warm water, then leaves them for a few hours. 

For the inside of her oven, she starts by spraying it down with one of her favourite products, Elbow Grease, which she called ‘Elvis’, before wiping it with a Scrub Daddy. 

After that she used her scraper which she got off eBay, saying: “It’s so satisfying to scrape off.”

She dried everything, before giving the door a final spritz with some glass cleaner. 

After tackling the oven she headed upstairs to check on the racks, saying: “Cleaned the racks but I needed my scraper friend for the oven tray.”

When they were dry she popped them back in her sparkling oven, adding it was ‘Hinched’. 

Meanwhile Mrs Hinch’s husband Jamie Hinchliffe looks unrecognisable in resurfaced clip from reality TV fame.

And Mrs Hinch shows off baby bump & reveals she’s over half way through her pregnancy as tot is due ‘sooner than you think’.

Plus Mrs Hinch was left ‘crying and shaking’ by the reaction to her pregnancy announcement and teased ‘I’ve got so much to show you all’.

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