Mrs Hinch shows off £3 Tesco fake nails as she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to get a manicure in the heat

MRS Hinch revealed she uses £3 fake nails when she hasn’t got them professionally done.

The Queen of Clean, Sophie Hinchliffe, 30, showed off her glue-on nails on Instagram and said she couldn’t be bothered to get them properly done in the heatwave. 

Speaking to her 3.6million followers, she filmed herself holding a box of Girlz Only nails in the shade Tres Chic, which you can buy from Tesco for £3. 

Mrs Hinch said: “I was supposed to be getting my nails with Trace this weekend but it’s so hot neither of us could be bothered.

“So I’m going to shove these on.”

Admiring her DIY job at home, Sophie said approvingly: “Not bad, not bad.”

Previously, Mrs Hinch horrified fans after sharing a hilarious video revealing she's resorted to re-attaching her fake nails with superglue. 

The mum-of-one turned to home remedies to fix her talons, after all the salons shut due to the coronavirus pandemic and the UK was placed in lockdown. 

Rather than embrace her natural nails, the cleanfluencer decided to stick one of her nails which fell off back on – using superglue. 

Mrs Hinch claimed it was the only thing she could find the house, but she instantly regretted the decision. 

  • Girlz Only nails in Tres Chic, £3 from Tesco – buy now

While the mum usually shares her enviable cleaning hacks, this is one tip which we don't think we'll be using.

She shared a clip of her nails to Instagram, saying: “Check out the regrowth. 

“I don't advise you do this.

“But I found my nail that broke off and stuck it back on… this is all I had in the house.”

Mrs Hinch showed fans the bottle of “incredibly strong” Gorilla Glue, which the makers say “bonds virtually everything”. 

But it seems Mrs Hinch, from Essex, soon regretted the decision to use the industrial product for her fake nails. 

She later added: “It hurts, my nails feel really tight now.

“I don’t advise gorilla glue. Probs best to leave them off.”

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