Mum baffled by thousands of ‘creepy’ tiny black balls inside her kids’ play house – so can YOU guess what they are?

A MUM got the shock of her life afterdiscovering 'thousands' of 'creepy black balls' in her kids' play house and has no idea what they could be.

The Australian woman said they appeared after it was left closed for three days and took to Facebook for some advice.

The small black balls completely covered the floor of the wendy house, with some even sticking to the walls, she said.

Wondering if they were insect eggs or droppings of some sort, she asked other parents online in search of some answers.

"Please don't say they are termites, she said worriedly, according to Mail Online.

But it seems no one could know for sure exactly what they are, with suggestions coming in left, right and centre.

Admitting it was an odd suggestion, one woman said they looked likepoppy seeds to her.

"I used to pick them off my muffins and bread when I was a kid, " she said. "Because I thought it was always fly poo."

While some instantly thought they were bug or insect poop, few said they were "too shiny" to be faeces.

Another suggest tick eggs, but many proved her wrong admitting "you would need a magnifying glass to see and identify tick eggs" as they aren't "visible to the naked eye."

Moth eggs was also suggested with many agreeing they look "very similar".

One person wasn't convinced it was from an insect at all, though,and said it could be "filler from a kids toy".

One person suggested: "Try and squash one. If it doesn't squash or fluffs back up, could be from a toy. If it pops could be an egg, if it crushes into dirt or dust it could be poop."

Luckily, a pest controller chimed in and said they definitely weren't from termites and was convinced they weren't from bugs or insects at all.

Others agreed and said it could even be pokeweed seed "hoarded by a mouse".

Fabulous spoke with Yulian Siderov, a pest control expert and head of Services from Fantastic Services Australia, who offered his expert opinion.

He said while they do look similar to water bug pop, snail eggs, or even stinkbug eggs, it's"very doubtful it’s pest eggs"

He said: "Without being able to touch them and see what their texture is like, [it's hard to know for sure].

"But on first look it doesn’t look like pest eggs, more like seeds. It’s a hard choice between synthetic confetti balls or poppy seeds."

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