Mum creates amazing dinosaur-themed volcano cake for her son’s birthday using Aldi products – and it looks professional – The Sun

A TALENTED mum has proven you don't have to be a seasoned baker to make a professional-looking cake, after creating a prehistoric edible world for her son's second birthday.

Complete with a towering Rice Krispies, marshmallow and chocolate volcano, the sweet treat is a sight to behold – and its creator admits it didn't cost much to make.

Sharing images of her impressive creation on Facebook, the proud mum revealed that she had combined four Aldi cakes and numerous homemade treats.

She explained: "Today is my little boy's 2nd birthday and this year I decided I wanted to make his cake."

Breaking down the process, she told members of the group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK,
"I used four of the Aldi birthday chocolate cakes at £3.50 each, I already had the trees and dinosaurs then just bought the extra little bits to decorate.

She added: "I used rice crispy and marshmallow to create the volcano."

"Saved myself a fortune and don’t think it looks too bad."

In the mum's confectionery creation, fallen boulders have become chunks of cake and biscuits, while plastic trees create a jungle feel.

The sweet scene is split by a stream of flowing water, its rapid white waters represented by a handful of marshmallows.

Adding playful details to the scene, the mum jauntily dotted dinosaurs around, including a feisty pterodactyl guarding his spot atop the volcano.

She even added details like Mini Eggs and crushed up biscuits as rough earth.

Unsurprisingly, people were impressed by her confectionery world and quickly heaped on the praise, giving the post almost 6,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person gushed: "Wow, I bet he loved it. Well done, it looks great."


Another agreed: "What a fantastic achievement your wee boy will be thrilled and made with a mum’s love."

Seeing the silver lining in an otherwise unfortunate state of affairs, one person mused: "During this pandemic people have been excelling in their creations to celebrate their childrens’ birthdays, your one of them that is amazing very creative."


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