Mum fuming on 30th wedding anniversary after realising husband has taped over wedding video with police show

A MUM was given a shock on her 30th wedding anniversary after realising her husband had taped over their wedding video with a police show.

A video of the awkward moment was shared on TikTok showing footage of the bride and groom immediately cutting to a police chase scene.

TikTok account RunningOnions, who posts under @romijessmaya, wrote: “It’s my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary and my mom wanted to watch the tape but my dad taped COPS over it.”

In the video, the dad can be seen looking very sheepish with his head in his hands, as his error was revealed to the room.

The uploader seems to have seen the funny side as they included a laughing emoji in their caption.

The wife’s reaction wasn’t included on camera, but she took to the comments and said: “Wife here – I was upset but got over it.”

The video has clearly entertained internet users, as it has racked up over 2.7million likes.


One TikTok viewer wrote: “That was definitely on purpose”, to which the uploader replied: “No comment.”

Another person added: “This is the most dad thing I’ve witnessed.”

And a third commented: “My mom taped over my 5th birthday party with the OJ Simpson trial.”

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