Mum in hysterics after her twin sons, 4, threaten to call an ambulance after seeing her 'bleed out of her booty'

LOOKING after your little ones can be an all-consuming task where you barely have a moment to yourself – and you can forget all about making a solo trip to the toilet without your toddler following you in for company.

But this only becomes even more complicated when you dare to venture out of the house – as one mum found out on a nightmare trip to the shops.

Sharing her experience on the Facebook page Momstrosity, the American mum explained how she lost "any shred of dignity she had left" in a bathroom at her local Target.

As soon as she arrived at the store, the mum – who had her two four-year-old twin sons in tow – realised that she needed the toilet. So far, not off to the best start.

After finding out the disabled toilet (which had more space for all three of them) was out of order, the mum then had to squeeze into a single cubicle with her two boys – and to make matters worse, that's when it dawned on her that "Aunt Flo had entered the building."

Despite her best efforts to distract the twin boys, her sons immediately started shrieking "MAMA YOU HAVE BLEED ON YOU" and "BLEED IS CMING OUT OF YOUR BOOTY!"

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It was at this point that the mortified woman heard someone in the next cubicle try their best to stifle their laughter.

Even though she was trying to calm them down, the two boys debated trying to get their mum a plaster before deciding that calling an ambulance was the best course of action.

Although she tried to tell him that "this is very normal for mummies and women" and that it "looks scary but is okay", the boys then asked if she had a cut on her "bee-jina". Adorable.

While she figured out an "escape plan", one of her sons then poked his head out of the cubicle to tell a stranger than his mum was "bleeding really bad outta her booty".

Needless to say, the mum continued: "In this moment, I want to die.

"I scoot them out of the stall to find a precious, older woman at the sink, tears of laughter streaming down her face."

She joked: "As you may have guessed, I did not make it home with laundry detergent and baby socks today. And also not my dignity."

Unsurprisingly, the parenting horror stories had the page's 27,000 followers in hysterics.

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One replied: "Children shred dignity. It's what they do!"

Another added: "You. Poor. Thing. Bleeding from cuts on your booty-bee-jina AND your dignity! Dying."

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