Mum keeps McDonald’s burgers & pizza in her cupboards for two YEARS to prove it 'never goes off'

A MUM’S very organised food cupboard has caused a stir but not for the reason you may expect. 

Inside the carefully sorted drawers are everything from McDonald’s burgers, fries, sausage rolls, Jaffa Cakes, garlic bread, doughnuts and pizza.

TikTok user @elifgkandemir uploaded a video of the cupboard and its contents, which she claims belongs to her mum.

According to the young Essex-based woman, her mum is a nutritionist and has been keeping the various food items in the cupboard for up to two years for research purposes.

She explained: "This is my mum's food cupboard full of foods that never go off.

"My mum is a nutritionist helping to tackle obesity.

"These foods shown here are ultra-processed foods that 80 per cent of the UK consume on a regular basis."

The video was captioned: "Still fancy that burger?"

In a follow-up video, she explained more about her mum’s cupboard, and said: "Most of this food she's been collecting over the last two years, so most of it is one to two years old.

"80 per cent of the UK are now eating this diet, probably without knowledge of what they are eating, a recent documentary by BBC One titled 'What Are We Feeding Our Kids' involved Dr Chris van Tulleken eating this kind of diet exclusively for a period of a month with devastating results.

"And though it is true, that you can have anything and everything in moderation, 80 per cent of a person's diet should not be made up of these foods.

"No food is off-limits, my mum is simply trying to encourage people to make better food decisions and live a happier, healthier lifestyle."

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