Mum mortified after PLT onesie is so small it shows her boobs – she reckons her sons would disown her if she wore it

A MUM who snapped up a onesie from PrettyLittleThing claims her teenage sons would 'disown her' if she wore it – as hilarious photos show how she discovered the skintight outfit exposes her BARE BOOBS.

Lindsey Smith ordered the £17 size 10 grey onesie as a treat to snuggle up in the front of the TV with her family in.

But covid tester Lindsey was stunned when she ripped open the packaging and tried to shimmy into it but found it too tight to contain her breasts, claiming it felt two sizes smaller.

A hilarious picture shows the married mum-of-three posing for a selfie in the mirror showing her ample cleavage spilling out of the outfit.

The disappointed 39-year-old then complained to the online retailer saying her three teenage sons would have 'disowned her' if she'd paraded around the house wearing it – and is still on the hunt for her 'perfect' onesie.

Lindsey, from Aldershot, Hampshire, said: "I literally couldn't do one button up and I was all hanging out.

"It's not great when you live in a house with four men – my husband and three sons.

"It was so disappointing but I did laugh too as you've got to find the funny side.

"It said it was a size 10, but it definitely wasn't. It felt more like a size six.

"I thought 'I'm going to show them exactly what it looks like' and took a picture and sent it to them."

Lindsey's message read: "Hi, I decided to treat myself to a nice onesie for these cold winter nights.

"I was extremely impressed with the fast delivery but unfortunately I cannot say the same about the onesie.

"It's definitely little but I can't say it's very pretty!

"I am usually a size 10 but this feels more like a size six. As you can clearly see from the pic it does me no justice whatsoever.

"I have three teenage sons who I think would disown me if I was to walk around the house looking like this.

"Please could you advise me on returning this product. Many thanks, Lindsey."

Lindsey ordered the onesie in November when she spotted what appeared to be the perfect choice for cosy nights in.

But her excitement soon turned to disappointment when she realised how small it was.

Lindsey said: "I love pyjamas and decided to treat myself to it as it looked nice and comfortable.

"I was doing a lot of running at the time and I ran the whole length of Great Britain in four months, which was really tough.

"That day I thought 'I'll have a nice bath after a long run and jump in my onesie'.

"I had my bath but when I opened the onesie up I remember thinking 'gosh it looks small, I don't think this is going to fit'.

"I decided to give it a little go, as you do, and it was so tight. As I was trying to get the top bit on I did think 'this isn't going to happen'.

"Getting it off was the hardest."

After contacting PLT Lindsey received a full refund, but is still on the lookout for the perfect outfit to relax in this autumn.

Lindsey said: "I messaged PLT on Facebook and complained about it. I don't usually complain but I thought that I had to this time.

"They were really understanding and professional and sorted out a refund straight away.

"I'm still looking for that perfect onesie, there's not many of them around these days."

PrettyLittleThing said that as the issue had been resolved they wouldn't be making a comment.

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