Mum-of-22 Sue Radford reveals truth about baby Heidie's name and how Noel made embarrassing blunder on birth certificate

BEFORE their new television series aired, we thought we knew everything there was to know about the Radford Family – from their epic weekly food shops to their time-consuming bed-time routine.

But how wrong we are – as in the first episode alone, we learnt that Sue and Noel have spent over £1 MILLION raising Britain's Biggest Family and spent a staggering £90,000 on birthday presents in the past 31 years.

During the hour-long Channel 5 show, mum-of-22 also opened up about her youngest daughter Heidie's unusual name.

Amazingly, the couple are proud parents to an equal number of sons and daughters – and for each of their girls, they've picked a name ending in the letter 'e'.

Sue explained: "We have to get a little bit creative with them because obviously Tillie, can be spelled with a Y.

"Bonnie can be spelled with a Y. Aimee has a double E on the end of it."

To keep up tradition, the couple added an 'e' onto their youngest daughter's name – even though it's usually spelt without one.

However, Noel clearly didn't get the memo and accidentally spelt his baby's name the traditional way on her birth certificate last year.

When Sue saw the form, she fumed: "You have actually spelt it wrong.

"That's not even funny, that's a legal document. How are we supposed to change that now? You better ring them, you better sort it out!"

He replied: "Can we not have it this way round? It's different."

The Radford Family girls:

  • Sophie, 27
  • Chloe, 25
  • Millie, 19
  • Katie, 18
  • Ellie, 15
  • Aimee, 14
  • Tillie, 10
  • Hallie, five,
  • Phoebe, four
  • Bonnie, two
  • Heidie, nine months

Luckily, Heidie's birth certificate was corrected so her "themed" now matches her older sisters.

After meeting his baby sister for the first time, 13-year-old Josh said he hoped his parents would stick to their word and not have any more children.

He joked: "I feel like we’re running out of actual rooms in the house. She’s got to stop eventually, right?”

With 18 of their children still living at home, Noel is under pressure to provide for his enormous family through his pie shop business.

He said: "It’s about £30,000 just to keep the house going and feed everybody. So it’s a lot of pies we’ve got to sell to support us all!"

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