Mum reveals ingenious hack to keep pesky flies out of her kitchen using nothing but water, a ziploc bag and pennies

AS SUMMER approaches windows and doors will be flung open across the nation in the hope to invite in some breeze.

However, doing this will often invite in some unwanted guests too in the form of pesky flies.

But fear not, as on thrifty mum has revealed how to keep them at bay, and all you will need is some water, a ziploc bag and some spare change.

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, she revealed that hanging a bag of water with some pennies in it is enough to deter the bugs.

Sharing a snap of her hack she wrote: “Seen a few post about flies coming indoor as we've all our doors and windows open in this beautiful weather!….a clear bag half filled with water with a few copper coin's in!

“Hang above door/open windows, files hate it! I've not had 1 in days…. Google it for the reasoning behind it I promise you I'm not crazy it works.”

And fellow group members were seriously impressed with her suggestion, with her post receiving hundreds and likes and comments from people thanking her for sharing her tip.

One wrote: “Amazing am gny do this i hate they bloody flies getting in (sic).”

Attesting the theory another wrote: “I do this, & it works, also, blow up a brown paper bag tie it up & hang it up, this will stop wasps, as they think it's another wasp nest, & stay away (the bag should be medium in size).”

“It works I've 1 hanging over my back door which I leave open for my dogs, fingers crossed it keeps working all summer” said another.

Explaining how the trick works the Holistic Horse says: “It’s all in the reflection: When you have millions of molecules present, like in that clear, plastic bag, it creates its own prism effect.

“Flies have “compound eyes,” i.e. they see multiple images (whereas we see only one), but compound eyes cannot focus, so flies also see blurry images.

“To our winged little predator, that bag of water and its copper pennies appear, as one Google commenter described, like “a zillion disco balls,” reflecting lights, colors, and movement in a dizzying array.”

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