Mum shares sneaky way of hiding chocolate that is 100 per cent child proof

A MUM has come up with a very creative way to stop her children from stealing her chocolate – and people are saying her idea is genius.

Savvy Michelle Preston revealed how she uses detergent tablet boxes to hide her secret stash away from her youngsters. 

She wrote on Facebook: “Following on from the post about the liquid tablet boxes being child proof and a pain to open…

“For that reason they are great for hiding snacks in! 

“I still keep it under the sink so as not to give it away too much where I hide them.”

Everyone knows the catches on the boxes can be tricky to open so the idea seems like the perfect solution for kids hunting for snacks.

Many people were highly impressed with the idea, with one saying: “amazing idea.”

Another added: “this is all kinds of genius.”

And a third joked: “When it comes to chocolate, the problem in our house is not the kids…it’s me!”

Meanwhile, one woman wrote: “When I was pregnant I used to hide mine in the tumber dryer.”

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