Mum shows off incredible feature wall made from free wallpaper samples and a tub of paste – The Sun

A SHOPPER has revealed how her mum has created an incredible feature wall using just free wallpaper samples and paste.

Taking to Facebook, the woman posted an image of her mum's impressive transformation, explaining all she bought to achieve the look was a tub of paste.

"Have to share mum's masterpiece, total cost a tub of paste and wallpaper samples," she wrote on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group.

The woman shared an image of the living room, which featured a stylish wall made from different wallpaper samples.

Arranged in a patchwork design, the pattern included floral prints, geometric squares, plain block colours and a marble-effect sample, too.

And the post has since been liked over 13,000 times with over 1,200 comments.

Other shoppers couldn't stop praising the mum for her creativity, with one commenting: "Absolutely love this. First saw it done in the 1960s, but it didn't leave this kind of impression.

"Patterns then were very different, arbours with roses etc."

While another said: "Wow, that looks stunning.

"I had to look twice as I was convinced it was actually full size wallpaper."

Others tagged their friends and family, suggesting they create the same.

One wrote: "Omg fantastic I'm going to do a black and red one, thank you for the inspiration."

Another user posted a very touching story about her nan, explaining her granddad had created a similar look many years ago.

"Seeing this reminded me of something my nan told me," she wrote.

"I'm 72 so you know it was a long time ago. She wanted to redecorate but couldn't afford it so granddad found a wallpaper samples catalogue and papered the walls with the pages of samples."

Lat month, we told you how one mum created a "mermaid feature wall" using just three products from Poundland and B&M.

"Mermaid feature wall, paint £14.99 from B&M (Dulux Proud Peacock)," she wrote on the group.

"Scales are made from wallpaper samples from B&M, B&Q and other bits I had already."

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