Mum-to-be reveals she fell pregnant while already expecting – and is now having TRIPLETS ‘conceived 10 days apart’

A MUM-to-be is expecting triplets after getting pregnant – while already pregnant with twins. 

The woman, from the US, fell pregnant with twins naturally, and she and her fiancé were overjoyed with the news. 

The mum, who admitted this is her first pregnancy, was stunned when doctors later told her she was carrying triplets – after a third baby was conceived around ten days after the twins. 

She’s sharing her incredible journey on TikTok, as she gets ready to welcome triplets next year. 

The woman, who works in marketing, explained that the phenomenon is called superfetation, and occurs when a woman ovulates twice a month.

The mum-to-be said: “Normally your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you're already pregnant. In my circumstance it did not. 

“About 10 per cent of women can ovulate twice a month. Only I think .3 per cent get pregnant a second time. 

“So technically our babies do have different due dates, luckily they're close enough that they will be born the same day, so they will all still be considered triplets. 

“So with superfetation the eggs came at different dates, and so they have different gestational ages. 

What is superfetation?

Superfetation is when a second, new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy.

Another ovum (egg) is fertilized by sperm and implanted in the womb days or weeks later than the first one.

Babies born from superfetation are often considered twins since they may be born during the same birth on the same day.

“Ours are only a few weeks apart but sometimes they can be months apart,  and those people actually have to have different due dates.”

The mum-to-be, who doesn’t yet know the genders of her babies, explained the doctors ruled out it being a third triplet who was malnourished.

“The first two babies are ten and 11 days older than our third baby, so that’s how we knew straight away it was a second pregnancy,” she said. 

“To confirm it was superfetation and not just twin absorption or a malnourished baby the doctors are doing ultrasounds every two weeks. 

“And sure enough it’s been hitting every single milestone, growing at a healthy rate, just ten to 11 days behind the first two babies we have.”

She had a word of warning for any pregnant women out there, saying: “So when your man doesn’t want to use protection because you’re already pregnant – I would be cautious.” 

The new mum has recently passed the 16 week mark, and is getting ready for an April or May birth. 

She said the current plan is to get all three babies past 28 weeks, and ideally carry them until 32, or 35 weeks. 

The woman said she and her partner ‘hit the jackpot’, and she reckoned she probably wouldn’t have any more children after these three.

She said: “In our case all three babies are the same dad, we’re really excited. Luckily no drama with any DNA testing.

“We had the first two come then a few weeks later baby number three said I’m coming too I’m not waiting.

“Natural birth, we’re really excited. We hit the jackpot it’s our first pregnancy, and we’ve got three coming at once. So probably going to be my last as well.”

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