My fiance slammed me as ‘selfish’ after I refused to pay for posh dinner with HIS parents as they ‘forgot their wallets’

A YOUNG doctor has revealed she was labelled as “selfish” by her fiancé and his family after she refused to pay for their extravagant New Year celebrations.

The woman said she gladly accepted their invitation when they called from a restaurant with a last-minute invite.

She said she was left upset after her in-laws slammed her for not paying for the whole family’s meal at the end.

She said the family had conveniently “forgotten their wallets” and it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

The doctor said she took the occasion to put her foot down and said she would only pay for her own bill.

The 32-year-old explained the saga on Reddit, and said: “They welcomed me and ordered many dishes and desserts and drinks. 

“We celebrated and had a great time, that is until it was time to pay.

“I pulled my wallet out of my bag letting them know that we would split the check between us. 

“Sam mumbled ‘no you don't have to, we invited you’ but I insisted.”

It then dawned on her that she was expected to pay for their entire meal, after they said they didn’t have enough between them to pay for a single round of drinks.

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She continued: “His dad then laughed nervously and said ‘alright so guess we should let the doctor pay!’

“I was taken aback and said ‘I'm sorry but no – this is just so much money to spend on one dinner by myself and I didn't think I was expected to pay the entire bill’.”

She said this left her fiancé and in-laws furious.

The doctor said: “They started arguing about how I have the potential to pay right there and then but I was acting as if they were strangers, not family – but that doesn't mean I'm obligated to pay.”

She said her fiancé begged her to “just pay” but she stood her ground and left the restaurant.

Her fiancé later rang her at 2am saying her selfish act had ruined New Year, and she had behaved terribly towards people who were gracious enough to invite her out.

He said he would “pray his parents could find a way to forgive her.”

The doctor shared her story online and said she decided she probably should have paid, but asked for other people’s opinions.

Many were on her side.

One said: “They all conveniently left their wallets at home, it doesn’t seem likely they forgot them at all, and they invited you with the expectation that you’ll pay.

His dad then laughed nervously and said ‘alright so guess we should let the doctor pay!

“You should rethink marrying this guy, he expected you to pay for an expensive meal, without your knowledge and you’ve been put in this situation before by him, it seems he’s using you for money and that’s extended to his family.”

Another added: “Your FIL's comment about letting the doctor pay was the biggest tell for me.”

A third asked why the family couldn’t transfer the funds on their phone if they had genuinely forgotten their wallet.

One said: “Wallet or not they can't even afford it – they are using you.”

The doctor said she would re-evaluate her relationship with her fiancé and his family after the support.

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