My fiance took off four weeks before the wedding – I sold my dress to pay for a girls’ holiday

A BRIDE has revealed her fiance took off four weeks before the wedding – and she is now selling the dress to pay for a girls holiday.

A video was uploaded by one of her pals showing off the stunning dress that is now for sale.

On her @paigecrellinn account, a woman who may be the bride can be seen wearing the wedding gown and flipping off the camera.

Paige wrote: “Anyone want to buy a wedding dress?

“My besties fiance took off four weeks before the wedding… and now we need money for a girls holiday.”

Many people were quick to praise the video as “iconic”, and Paige replied: “Thanks to him we’re out here living our best lives.”

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And lots of viewers commented on how gorgeous the dress is.

One wrote: “Omg it’s incredible. His loss if only I was engaged.”

Paige did a follow-up video sharing more details about the dress, including how it is size 18 but small sizing.

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She wrote: “Stella York is the designer. Dress comes with a belt that cost £200 alone.

“Wanting £1,500.”

One viewer added: “If only I had someone to marry, this is so stunning.”

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