My husband told me to ‘shush’ during labour – that’s when I knew my marriage was over

A WOMAN has revealed the time she knew her marriage was over, admitting she has "never forgotten the moment of certainty".

While in labour, she claims her husband told her to 'shush', which made her instantly realise that she "deserved better" .

The woman, who remains anonymous, made the revelation in theFacebook group That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming, according to Mirror.

She replied in a thread of comments on a post about a bloke who said that he realised he didn’t love his wife anymore when he let her carry heavy boxes upstairs without offering to help.

Sharing her own experience, she said: "When he told me to shush during labour.

“I had a sudden flash of clarity and I knew I would be raising this baby alone because I deserved better.

“Still took me a year to get to the breakup, but I never forgot that moment of certainty.”

Many others also shared the moment they knew it was the end of the road for them.

Another said she knew the day she found out her husband had got her best friend of 25 years pregnant.

While a third found out her other half had been sleeping with his step-sister.

One woman added: "I knew it was over when he let me walk home for 30 minutes from the train station at 10.30pm and not come get me (the drive takes five minutes) because he didn’t feel like it."

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