My waxing lady told me I may have a problem as I’m so hairy – that wasn’t even the most inappropriate thing she's said | The Sun

WHAT would you do if your waxing lady told you she thinks you might have a health issue because you're so hairy?

That's the situation that one woman found herself in – and it's not even the most inappropriate thing the salon worker said to her.

"Things my wax lady has said to me," the woman wrote over a video on TikTok.

She kicked off with "you’re really hairy. You might have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)".

She was also told that she was "dirty" for keeping her armpit hair.

But when it came to waxing the hair on her toe, the waxing lady went completely quiet.

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"RIP toe hair," she concluded.

"Let’s hear your salon stories in the comments," she captioned the video.

And her followers happily obliged, with one writing: "Went to a new salon and she tried to sell me fat dissolving injections for my ‘problem areas’ (which she indicated by tracing my stomach).

"I’m like 50kg – and this was during the worst wax of my life, she nearly kept my labia as a souvenir she was so rough."

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"Bl**dy hell," the woman replied.

"Just going to nip out and phone my boyfriend to bring lunch forward," another hilariously added.

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"I thought you were my lady with a big bush."

While another was asked: "Are you sure you're not pregnant? Your belly isn’t flat."

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